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Thread: Strange issue after Shell V-Power RON95

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2010-03-02 20:16:34
Strange issue after Shell V-Power RON95
Hi guys,

Very strange issue here.

'98 Primera P11
Powerland ECU, mapped for 98 but should be safe for 95

Yesterday I saw at my meter that I had to fill her up. I always use BP Ultimate RON98 but this time that wasn't around so my only choice was Shell V-Power 95. I only put half a tank in it.
All sorted and I went home. When I got home I parked the car and let it run a few seconds. Then the car started to idle very lumpy, like I had some wild cams. Going from like 750 to 350 up and down.

When I wanted to drive away again the car hesistated up to 3000 rpm. After 3000 rpm it took off like usual.

I immediately topped her off with BP Ultimate 98 and that seemed to work to a certain level. No worries while driving to a friend of mine. Going back, also no problems. But when I left for work this morning the lumpy idle and hesitation continued. On the freeway no problems. Engine cold or hot doesnt matter.
Today after work again I topped her off with BP Ultimate 98 without any direct result...

WTF can this be? Everything worked perfectly before I put V-Power 95 in it...

2010-03-03 08:03:26
I'm going to check if my TPS is going bad. Does anyone knows if a TPS sensor from a DE will work?
Like this one?

2010-03-03 14:54:08
Shell V-Power is actually more or less RON97. But since that number isn't really allowed, they call it 95...

Source: Wikipedia and AMT.nl (Dutch).

So I'd look for something else.
2010-03-03 15:44:12
Ok. Well, I will be going to check/clean the MAF sensor, measure my TPS sensor, clean the IACV and disconnect the battery terminal to clear any codes.
2010-03-03 16:08:19
Disconnecting the battery isn't going to clear any codes, unless you leave it disconnected for a few hours, minimum.

Clear codes by using the diagnostics screw on the back of the ECM brain itself. Post up if you don't know how to do this.
2010-03-03 22:20:23
Yes a DE tps will work. The pic your posted is an automatic tps but it will work.

This just sounds like a vacuum leak to me
2010-03-04 07:07:10
How to check for a vacuum leak?
2010-03-04 18:10:52
The easiest way is to spray a combustible lubricant (CRC, maybe WD40 etc) where the leak/s may be. RPM will increase if engine gets extra fuel through the leak.
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