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Thread: What we've been up to(new numbers posted on page 5)

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2010-04-07 14:29:33
Originally Posted by Payu
^^^^ He needs SR16 transmission with 22in tires so he can pass the 1/4 mile very high in 4th gear that how we do it here jejejejejej But he will need a better driver too to shift those gears without lifting the gas pedal jejjejejejej And bring those 60ft down to 1.6 like Hondas do arround here too....

I drove my 210whp set up to a 12.9 @ 105. And 12.8 @ 106 w my 217whp set up. I like setting up in 3rd gear because I have a good flat curve. I'm making 200whp at 6k and 240whp at 7k. Well see maybe the sr 16 would b a decent set up. I would like to finish at 8.5k in 4th but our trannys options kinda suck. If we go with shorter fd the lower gears are just to close. Its like we need a fully custom box. Or nismo sr16 trans.

I do no lift shifs but the track that's close to my place is pretty lame when it comes to prep. Its know all around as the slippery rock. But I will b making the journey to a very nice international drag strip this summer.
2010-04-07 14:30:43
Granted our predictions are probably very close I'm not even gonna sweat any gearing options or slick sizes till I get back form the track and really see what it puts down for mph in the real world.
2010-04-07 14:44:56
Go for it buddy and good luck anyway you are one of the few that try every setup at the strip with good results...
2010-04-07 15:06:53
^thanx. And I kno you guys are doing things out there to. So thanx for the heads up w the sr 16 trans. Its always good to hear other ideas...
2010-04-07 17:37:39
- Wow. What a thread. Good deal Cory. I would probably run just about every honda out of Northwest,GA with a 2.3L VE.

- Your header and intake manifold look decent. You don't think it's possible they fit your setup more than you give them credit for?
2010-04-07 17:43:04
Well the header does a decent job, its just that the choke is a bit to small. And the runners could be larger dia. The intake is pretty good, the plenum helps a ton. I just need something that will keep up with the flow of this head. The intake only flow about 90% of what the head flows at this stage.. I need to get the right taper set into the runners.

And thanx guys
Especially micheal for letting me borrow the rt since mine took a ****.
2010-04-07 20:04:02
cory, when you build a new header is it going to be just like the one you have now with a bigger choke and primeries ? i think the choke is whats most likely holding power back. funny saying that "holding power back" when your motor makes the second highest whp n/a ever ! lol.

2010-04-08 00:09:01
Hey Cory I read that you said that your intake sucks.Why you say that?How much did the head flow with the intake on?
2010-04-08 01:03:49
You could nitpick your setup to death but I hope you sit back and enjoy it. Just get out there and **** it up man.
2010-04-08 01:34:29
Originally Posted by Benito
You could nitpick your setup to death but I hope you sit back and enjoy it. Just get out there and **** it up man.

exactly....go get some traps with that 260WHP this weekend
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