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Thread: This is how we start 2010!

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2010-01-09 16:57:00
Originally Posted by b14_vzr

just wait until the weather warms up and they get this thing to the track with slicks and then im sure we will see plenty of functioning power. I cant wait to see what this thing does

Exactly. With the right tire combo this car can hook dead at the track. With the power this car made it should easily trap into the upper 140's if not knocking on 150.

I predict low 10's at 14X mph and if it has a driver mod maybe high 9's. Very cool car. You guys did a great job.

I know the build may be kept under wraps but, details on this build would be nice.
2010-01-09 19:06:08
I bet with traction he will do 150mph. We got an evo out here making mid 600 and he's trapping high 140s
2010-01-09 19:35:50
Immense, but id have concern about grip, too little = wheelspin, too much that car gonna tear something apart probably the track
2010-01-09 19:38:46
well the bottem end was built by Mazworks , so it is sleeved for sure and I bet it has their main bearring mod ,line hone, other then that I cant say for sure but it has to be somthing to spin to 10.5K .....I want to spin mine to 9k it looks like it peeks around 9k or so as far as the chart as concerned , so I dont know if reving that high is really needed
2010-01-09 19:57:34
sometimes reving past peak power is fastest because when you shift up you drop revs into a higher point in the powerband
2010-01-09 20:03:30
Originally Posted by damienga15de
sometimes reving past peak power is fastest

Always. =]
2010-01-09 20:51:36
You want to technically rev it out past the peak as long as its holding good power. If it falls drasticly then still shift just past the peak but if it just barely starts to fall and tapers off then there is no reason why you cant go 1500-2000 rpms past the peak power. So if the car made peak power at 8400 and still held over 500whp at 10500, then why not rev it that high,

You got to look at it from the standpoint of how much power was being made 2000rpms before the peak hp point. If its less than the 500whp still being made at 10500 then its a no brainer to take it to that high. If its making more power 2k rpms before peak than its making at 10500 then dont rev it that high.

This is where a dyno chart really comes in handy to determine your shift points.

On my chart i peaked power at 7400 but at 8k was still making over 400whp. So technically i could probably rev it out even higher than my 8k rev limiter but i dont have the stuff to do that. Hence the 8k rev limiter.
2010-01-09 20:56:39
that's just insane.
2010-01-09 21:21:07
Mazworx & Jun FTMFW.... Wow. Yeah if he has no traction issues on the strip, 145-150mph at least. Wondering what he has for a drivetrain to use 660+whp without grenading parts everywhere....
2010-01-09 21:24:52
i know the build, but im not gonna blurt it out.

the tranny is a stock unit. im sure he has a stock pile of them in his garage or maybe he drives around with a spare tranny in the se-r's trunk lol.

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