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Thread: Wire fitment?

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2009-12-16 03:07:47
I did, they were too high too - I dont get it - I'll ask the previous owner of the engine if it's he put in a different plug or something...weird.
2009-12-16 03:18:53
Did you check to see if there is anything sitting on top of the plugs. With old wires sometimes the rubber ring on the bottom of the plug clip comes loose and stays sitting on the spark plug..
2009-12-16 04:10:19
thats true! had that happen recently on my buddys altima..
2009-12-16 06:14:49
Originally Posted by canx2k
damn - this aint happening - I dont know why! stupid wires...I pushed them as far as they can go onto the wire boot and she aint going.

reason for that is because they fixed that when they made them. i have a picture to prove it:

best thing to do would be to pull the plug out and see if something is on it, or the previous owner put some other kind of plug in the motor. they are made like the stock wires. if the stock wires dont fit, something is up. it has to be the plugs.
2009-12-16 14:30:02
thats great chiquae good that you guys didn't have that problem
2009-12-16 23:10:27
problem solved - the previous owner of the engine didnt torque the spark plugs down! ha ha ha!
2009-12-16 23:22:02
hahaha nice!
2009-12-16 23:40:29
Fuсkin' lol.
2009-12-17 02:50:54
you should have seem my suprise when one plug blew the plug wire right off and I found the plug across the room...whoops! now I just have to figure out the idle issue - see my other thread for details - thanks for the help so far guys.
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