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Thread: Is 3 inch exhaust really needed on a VE?

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2009-12-14 16:12:31
I think that thread is part of the reason he made this thread.
He has a point about there being a lack of good dyno comparisons between 2.5" and 3".
I know there are some out there, and they were done a long time ago or on Hondas and such so they are forgotten. I'm searching for the thread that I was in a couple years ago that had maybe one or two claims of dyno proven gains everywhere in the rev range along with a bunch of tech talk.
2009-12-14 16:13:32
This thread is MUCH more helpful: http://www.sr20-forum.com/vvl/12233-question-3-setups.html
2009-12-14 16:15:50
And a year earlier the same discussion, with the same answer given: http://www.sr20-forum.com/vvl/2770-exhaust-size-opinions-2-5-3-a.html
2009-12-14 16:47:38
3" is not necessary. I will have to admit, that 3" sounds great.
2009-12-14 17:13:12
I have seen ve's make high 190's on a 2.5 inch. And a de vs a ve as far as loudness the de is louder than a ve with 3inch up on till the vvl pops then it souds sweet.
2009-12-14 17:45:10
oh my.

2009-12-14 22:05:10
Originally Posted by xnissan240x
Just wondering. I am noticing lots of you guys are running a 3 inch exhaust on your ve setups. I currently have a 2.5 inch mandrel system with a Apex-i Gt spec muffler, test pipe and SSAC header. Wouldn't 3.0 inch loose too much power on low end. This is not a call out thread by any means. Just a question, will my setup be sufficient on a Ve? I know the ssac header is the $100 special but it seems to make good power on the dyno. And for the 2.5 inch exhaust on a ve, wouldnt that be perfect.

If you at 2.5 stay there.

If you building from scratch, go 3".

I have 3" and I dont lose ant power down low compared to when I had 2.36".

I sure make more power all round though.

2009-12-15 02:09:44
Originally Posted by xnissan240x
My car is far from quite lol. SSAC 2.5 inch header, 2.5 inch testpipe. Full 2.5 inch mandrel bent exhuast with the 115mm Apex-i Gt spec. It was super loud on a De and I am sure it will break windows with the newly purchased VE haha.

actually, ive noticed the VE is DEF quieter overall than the DE was with same exhaust, 2 1/2
2009-12-15 02:22:37
Originally Posted by BLiSsTeX
actually, ive noticed the VE is DEF quieter overall than the DE was with same exhaust, 2 1/2

yeah i noticed my ve was quieter than my de setup, too. thats because the low lobes on the ve are alot less aggressive than the lobes on the de cams......until those big lobes drop
2009-12-15 15:36:59
i hope my opinion helps.

since every motor is different, every motor will react differently with the same or different setup. your mission (should you choose to accept it), is to find your own "ideal" setup because everyone will have different results, no matter what. reading and experiencing is far from the same. but, as i have read countless times, with the 3 inch; some gain, some lose, some stay the same. many ve owners here have tried many different configurations to get to where they're at in terms of power or ETs. the best way is to go is to find out for yourself and then post the results!

here's my experience for example. i had a 2.25" cat-back that was quiet for daily use and i was doing mid to low 15's at the strip with a g20 ecu. i also had a 3" test pipe in between the 2.5" SSAC and my cat-back. so when i dropped the cat-back and went with an open 3" test pipe, i dropped into the high 14's. if i remember correctly, it was a half-second or more in dropped time.

good luck.
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