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Thread: SR20VE Stock standard .. tuning

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2008-01-27 02:56:58
again.. 3" inlet or outlet ?
thank you
2008-01-27 03:01:44
3 inch inside diameter.

2008-01-27 14:51:37
but on stock standard 20VE ?
since i only running stock standard 20VE.. no cam nothing
except maybe management like Emanage
Thank you
2008-01-27 16:56:38
Go ahead and run an intake, header, and the 3inch. Then when you realize that you want cams you will ready.
2008-01-28 00:51:51
You said you wanted low end power so it seems like 2.5 exhaust is the way to go for you. 3 in sounds like most HP on a dyno no doubt but that is not what you asked about was it? So I think you are looking for a nice mandrel bent 2.5 exhaust with good headers for your stock VE.
2008-01-28 01:01:28
Originally Posted by se-riousclassic
I don't see the reasoning in not having top end power.....Remember you drive a four cylinder.If you want bottom end power put a t25 turbo setup on.

I don't know all the driving this guy is doing but some people are not all about the top end. I know I am not. I do autocrosses where you have less then 300ft to get up to speed before you slow down. Low end is more important to me then top end. Now I want a VE myself because I do do road coarses too and there I feel I would like a little more top end then what I get with the DE.

I am curious though is the low end of a VE before the VVL kicks in equivalent to a DE? Is a VE all of what a DE is in the low end and then way more once VVL kicks in or does a DE pull on a VE intially then the VE takes it?

If you guys think I am going off topic I appologive and can make another thread. I am not try to thread jack this thread.
2008-01-28 01:21:31
The VE has more low end power than the DE and then vvl kicks in.
2008-01-28 01:25:13
to be safe..
i assume for low end power is 2.5" top end it 3"

not going to fit cam.. even fit cam i will only fit SR16VE cam only
since this car is purely for street drive only.. wife driving it

there will be another car fitted with VE but purely top end power
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