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Thread: Slicks ( brand and size )

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2009-09-11 21:04:02
Originally Posted by Payu
Macho creeme no te dejes llevar mucho por lo que digan aqui pa all motor 22x8x13 pero tienes que buscar al distribuidor de M&H aqui en la isla no te desesperes y vallas a comprarlas en 15 no bregan igual.... en 13 son mejores quizas te haga los cambios un poco mas cortos pero eso te debe beneficiar ademas al ser 13 tienen mas pared de goma para estrujar...

2009-09-14 00:34:59
im just saying 23 because this guy already traps 105. if he gets any faster he will benefit from the larger diameter. 22in slick will finish the 1/4 @ 9k @105 in 3rd. with the 23s he will be able to stay in 3rd without reving it to the moon.

my car traps between 106-108 and i hit 9k right at the traps with 22. 23s are just right.
2009-09-14 01:43:46
He has regular B13 transmission that's why I am recommending the 22's he does pass the 1/4 in 3rd with 205\50\15 tires that are about 23 in tall and he passes at 8200-8300 rpms so with 22 he will pas at what 8500-8700 maybe... but he will take advantage from 1-2-3 shifting a little faster I dont know thats my .02 cents
2009-09-17 23:36:09
man is great to see that your looking for slick's, now you can break into the 12's, your car is full of potencial. Dont forget to take a video of the pass.
2009-09-19 00:47:21
M&H 23 x 8 x 13

M&H Tires MHR04 Tire Drag Slick 23.00 x 8.00-13:eBay Motors (item 390095008319 end time Sep-19-09 17:23:47 PDT)

M&H 23 x 8.5 x 15

M&H Tires MHR23 Tire Drag Slick 23.00 x 8.50-15:eBay Motors (item 330360750781 end time Sep-19-09 17:23:45 PDT)

M&H 23 x 7.5 x 15

M&H Tires MHR21 Tire Drag Slick 23.00 x 7.50-15:eBay Motors (item 330360684603 end time Sep-19-09 12:15:38 PDT)

M&H 22 x 8 x 13

M&H Tires MHR03 Tire Drag Slick 22.00 x 8.00-13:eBay Motors (item 370261338393 end time Sep-19-09 12:39:40 PDT)
2009-12-03 15:23:42
Couldn't get any 23' MH tire but got some 22x8x13 MT's, I might be going to the track this Friday..

Here are some pics

2009-12-03 16:25:17
looking good macho! Tommorow at the track
2009-12-03 17:03:08
waiting to see the 12' on that car!! Suerte Macho!!
2009-12-04 17:47:45
Vi como caminaste 13 y fallando cambio.Eso 196 caballo estan bien alimentao.

Que aro son eso?
2009-12-04 18:52:17
That bitch looks bad!!
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