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Thread: VVL and E85

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2017-01-15 13:53:59
VVL and E85
Originally Posted by Y2KG20
We have E15 and E85 all around here. I Run E85 on the VET GTX turbo car. It has stainless 1600cc injectors and running a AEM standalone and idles great. Wintertime it gets gas for easy starts, you can change your tables for wintertime to combat the cold but who is going to run high boost in the winter anyway So far all of the factory stock lines are ok. The mileage SUX but it's really cheap compared to the 93 oct around here. Another thing I like about running E85 is how smooth it runs under boost. The bad would be getting no knock before blowing things up when you get greedy with timing

I was going to switch my automatic turbo car over to a dual fuel system since I run 8 injectors on it. The primary 4 (306cc) would use 91oct on the factory fuel system and the secondary's (440cc) would run E85 on a fuel cell in the trunk. I run all of the injectors at 4 bar so I think there is enough to do it. I think it would be a pretty cool setup since it would be on gas most of the time and in the winter you can warm up you car and not worry about cold starts but use the E85 on demand. I wish I had the time to weld up a tank to fit the spare tire well and run a second set of fuel lines and pump... Maybe someday

For odd-ball like me that has an 8H6 cylinder head, what are my options for injectors?

I've read this thread numerous times and seek clarification.

Is it that the R35 injectors are an OEM upgrade for the P12 or T30 injectors?

If so, can I purchase ID, Deatschwerks or FIC injectors with R35 specs?

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2017-01-16 05:23:26
You are top feed so really you can adapt for about any high impeadance top feed injectors. Also will depend on what you are going to tune with. I have a AEM standalone so I can use any top feeds I want, the only difference in most top feeds is install height. You can space you fuel rail higher for taller injectors of grind the mounting posts down for short ones. Personally I use Mustang 5-Oh Black Ops 1600 CC in the big car and in my daily driver I have Mustang GT500 factory injectors.
2017-01-16 11:17:19
Hey @Y2KG20! Thanks for the response.

I did some research and got my answer; R35 injectors are a direct fit in a 8H6 (P12/T30) cylinder head.
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