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Thread: 4-1 Header for SR20ve - 200-220hp - Specs

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2009-05-21 05:04:56
2009-05-21 23:34:16
Just got back from the dyno. The with the new header, the numbers went from 192.23whp to 199.52whp. Torque went from 142.23 to 148.51. I'll post the dyno sheets in a little while and explain further. Im happy though. soo close to 200.
2009-05-21 23:42:03
7whp gain is pretty good. I'd be happy with that. Happy it turned out good for you.
That is soooooo close to 200whp its not funny. Technically its closer to 200 than 199 so i'll let you round it up to 200whp
2009-05-22 00:14:25
Thank you kind Sir. I'll post up the sheets here shortly. Scanning them right now.
2009-05-22 00:35:21
2.5 SSAC vs The header I posted.

It had a rpm signal skip so there are gaps. I have power vs mph ones of these where it is smooth with no gaps. Im happy with it, since it basically just lifted the entire up the power band other than right after the exhaust cam kicks in. The privious dyno was done at nearly 30deg cooler weather than today, so I think its safe to say the header under the same conditions, made 10+ in whp more than the 2.5" SSAC.
2009-05-22 00:47:18
PS: I did about 25 pulls back to back so if I would have let it cool down for 5/10minutes it would have been 201+. But I ran the SSAC back to back so it would not have been a fair comparison. Also timing is set to 5deg, I need a chip burner which Im soon to get to advance the timing for an extra 10-15whp.
2009-05-22 00:47:31
thats great man.... can u post what was ur mods on this motor...... i feel like it was mine ....really happy for u man..... u walked ur own path and got to the beach....hahahaha
2009-05-22 01:20:09

Custom 4-2-1 header
TDF 2.5" catback
10lb Flywheel
N1 Camshafts
Chipped VE ecu
UR Crank pulley
Intake with velocity stack

Exterior/Suspension left stock for that bone stock look

Should be about 210-215 once I get that chip burner here shortly.

2009-05-22 03:28:14
that awesome dude. The first thing I noticed is that it made pretty much 7whp EVERYWHERE not just at the top like you said. Good Work.
2009-05-22 03:29:02
thats awesome bro, gives me hope for when i get mine built hehe
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