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Thread: Finally got some numbers

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2009-09-25 12:54:03
Horsepower vs torque

read this article about half way down the page to understand how come we in gas engine have gears and how they change HP/TQ output to the wheels.
2009-09-25 13:06:26
lol-Auto shop 101.......without proper gear ratios it would be very hard to move, there is a reason they get progressively longer. Same reason you spin tires in first so easily, more torque to the wheels.
2009-09-25 17:47:49
Awesome videos, love the exhaust sound, hp numbers, and all the rest.

Great stuff.
2009-09-25 21:14:46
i have gained 7whp just from the car warming up... first pull to third pull..
2013-01-16 00:26:53
Holy Old thread bump!!! Found this while searching for the N1 intake thread for a friend.

As follow up, somewhere along the line valves were bent. Maybe it expains some of the inconsistencies raised during discussion. In any case motor has been parted out.
2013-07-05 06:52:52
Not so fast my friends
2013-07-05 12:49:03
Eh? Whats going here?
2013-07-06 13:07:23
The ported VE head along with the modified N1 intake remained in my possession during the part out. They are about to come back to life in teh Panda

Stay tuned
2013-07-06 15:37:56
Done with the DE route?
2013-07-07 04:39:00
Originally Posted by Kyle
Done with the DE route?

Done wouldn't be a fair description. I still am building an N/A DE , just not for the street.

Since people are asking, the DE from Panda spun the mains. Surprising but the rods were spared. Before my deal with Jamie I was going to rebuild it. So I bought a VE oil pump from @Vadim that I am confident is good. I also bought a full set (mains and rods) of Calico bearings along with a low mileage 8cw crank. All of these are available for sale to the right person. I would prefer to make you a deal on the SR16 block and pistons, as well the DPR ported LP head with the modified VE intake. This is the DE that made 181 on Jamie's dyno after tuning.

I am keeping the squiggly for the VE for now, and the only other DE specific items I plan to keep are the C3's and JWT S/R.
@bhowle already has the S4HL's so they are to be considered sold. If for any reason he chooses not to keep them I will post a for sale thread.
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