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Thread: SR20VE 4-2-1 "budget" header

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2010-06-04 23:38:48
like a turbo
2010-06-05 05:49:41
Originally Posted by STRATTON

there are other cheaper more proven options out there.

Originally Posted by TheRealNighthog
like a turbo

and this...

2010-06-05 07:47:09
Originally Posted by STRATTON
asp 800 dollars or was it 600 ?

ssac 2.5 150 dollars.

for the difference of 5whp, thats a big waste of money in my book.

there are other cheaper more proven options out there.


Didn't you have an ASP header?
But you didn't get any gains right?
2010-06-05 08:18:45
Ahhh everyone so worried about peak hp...silly children..

Shame we scared Charles away, I can't say I blame him.

2010-06-05 17:50:57
N/A tuning isn't cheap and no one with an ASP header would swap back. i think thats all that matter to those that have them.
2010-06-05 18:52:14
I think that if he gain about 5 whp I think in the all motor game it's a good gain, yeah it cost alot but all motor is not cheap
2010-06-05 19:55:03
We tested a Budget Header it and it made 0 whp over a OBX header tuned vs tuned and some other forum members experienced the same and there is a Dyno sheet somewhere I saw in this forum from a good customer of Charles that shows that the header made like 1 or 2 whp less at the peak and in some parts of the midrange than an SSAC so I dont know how he got the results he got when he was promoting the header so its up to the people that want to invest in a $700 header that will yield same results of a $150 one just my .02.... Wonder why there's so many for sale on the N/A section
2010-06-05 23:36:55
^ exactly payu.

5whp is not worth 700 dollar header.

spend the 700 on pistons or a better computer or put it towards a standalone etc etc.

2010-06-05 23:55:00
Oh! I see. So what header would be recommended. Fuji's and ssac?
2010-06-06 00:36:06
Originally Posted by gio94sr20ve
Oh! I see. So what header would be recommended. Fuji's and ssac?

I would recommend the ssac for the average bolt on guy, who is trying to save a dollar.

Has anyone tested headers back to back on a higher comp/worked VE? Maybe Me/Cory or one other? I for one have dealt with higher comp/revs and have seen the difference 4-1's vs. ssac's make. It's NOT always peak hp. Start looking under the curve.

Every setup is different. Instead of going into a big discussion I will sum it up at that. Maybe Supercowboy will be kind enough to post the 233+whp (dynapack) 13:1 VE that has the budget header on it that was done last week.
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