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Thread: Relocating Knock Sensor on VE?

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2008-11-29 03:26:38
Relocating Knock Sensor on VE?
Has anyone relocated the knock sensor on a VE?
My old one is impossible to get off, someone tighten it so much, I stripped the bolt a bit while attempting to remove it.

I have another sensor off my DE with correct resistance of 560K ohms, and I am considering relocating it, since my dizzy side of the engine is too busy to put one on there, has anyone considered the front of the engine on the head?

I wouldn't want to bypass it as knock sensor is a security feature for our engines. Let me know.
2008-11-29 13:44:03
You can relocate it but you won't get very good results. The knock sensor placement is a very precise thing. If you have a JWT computer you may be able to relocate it, but you might as well get rid of it altogether. The JWT doesn't look at the knock sensor at all for adjusting timing or anything, so if you start to ping then you are done.
2008-11-29 19:28:57
when i was working on my knock sensor issues i couldn't get my original sensor off either. i put my new one on one of the cylinder head bolt holes that are just below the oil fill cap. i originally was going to find somewhere else to put it. i was doing new wiring so it was easiest to just leave it there until i made sure it was wired correct. i have since just left it there. i don't get the code 34 anymore so i guess i'm okay. but i also have a calum basic, and i read that he takes the sensor out of the program.
2008-11-30 03:17:47
I got it fixed! How? Well I was using my torch to heat up the bolt on the knock sensor and still couldn't get the bolt to move, but I checked the resistance on the knock sensor and it "corrected" itself after some heat!!
Hard to think that a clean engine like that would have some corrosion which got taken care of with a torch, all I care about that it works now, Code55 for the first time on the VE!!!
Car is more drivable now, more power low to mid and about the same top end. Should get better mileage.

2008-11-30 07:55:08
I had a sensor reading bad and dropped it on the ground and it started reading good again. I never did put it back on a motor though. I took it apart to see how it worked
2008-11-30 14:44:13
Does anyone know specifically why Calum removed the knock sensor from his programs? I would feel much better with it on personally. Is there any way to re-enable it? Then I wouldn't have to worry about my timing as much, or say if I had to throw in some 91. At least I would get a warning..

2008-11-30 17:23:00
he told me when i asked that our knock sensors are horrible (essentially). that it takes a whole lot to make our motors knock. but also that sensor would too slow to pick it up something to the effect that they aren't very sensitive at all.
2008-11-30 21:34:49
The computer doesn't even look at the knock signal after 5k anyway. On top of that, it makes tuning the car very unstable with a variable that changes a lot. By disabling the sensor you get more consistent results with a tune.
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