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Thread: It's Gonna BLOW -Excessive timing on Calum Basic

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2008-11-27 00:27:10
It's Gonna BLOW -Excessive timing on Calum Basic
Finally got my laptop and consult cable connected to my car and ran few tests with the following observations:

- Static timing of 15*
- ECUTalk timing is fine when temperatures below 178*F (recoded at 160*F -cold mode?):

RPM timing
2.5k 20
3k 22
3.5k 23
4k 23
4.5k 24
Cam switch at 4.6K
4.6K 19
5k 19
5.5k 27
6k 30
6.5k 31
7k 33 (At 7K I took the following readings: MAF=4.48, AAC=0.95, TPS=4.16v, injector duty cycle=67, injector =11.55)

With engine fully warmed up (178*F) the timing goes CRAZY!!!:
RPM Timing
1.2K 23
1.3K 26
1.5K 29
1.7K 33
2.4K 39
2.5K 42 degrees of timing!

It is very scary, I thought with the knock sensor code (I have a Code 34: Knock sensor which might be the wire as with other VEs - the sensor is VE original) it would be retarded instead of timing shooting that high!!
I was running 94 octane but now in winter I am running 91, doesn't seem to knock but I get extremely high fuel consumption of 14 liters per 100 km or 250km per entire tank!!

My setup is:
sr20ve, DE maf, calum basic, 15* base timing.

Let me know your thoughts.
2008-11-28 02:06:49
um, do you hear knocking or pinging? If not, then you are prob ok. I ran my dizzy advanced all the way on the dyno to see what it would do. I gained tons of bottom end power with no detonation, but lost some up top. If I could have adjusted the timing on the bottom end it would have helped a lot because the engine seemed to bog a lot until about 3k.
2008-11-28 14:20:09
At one time Calum had a spreadsheet with a comparison of the stock SR20DE, SR20VE, and SR16VE timing maps. See if you can find that, and it will probably answer most of your questions as Calum based his programs off of stock maps with little tweaks here and there.

Then you will know if you have excessive advance or not - I think you are probably fine.

2008-11-30 15:03:53
How did you set your timing? did you use the computer and adjust the dizzy using that? or did you use a timing light?
2008-11-30 17:28:52
You have to do it with a timing light! The computer assumes 15 degrees.
2008-11-30 17:40:21
I did do it with the timing light, getting the car into timing mode using Comzult. It is 15 deg dead on using timing light at 850 rpm.

Does anyone have the timing map for the VE showing timing for Calum Basic program at different rpm?
2008-11-30 18:22:41
I started with the basic VE bin and went from there. When I logged my timing it never went over what I had on my map.
2008-11-30 18:45:57
I just grabbed a VE bin to look at but...

What is the problem? 43 degrees is in the map there....

It also has NOTHING to do with setting the distributor.... That is what the ECU is sending for timing. It does not know where the distributor is rotated or the actual timing is.
2008-12-01 01:39:13
wow must be a new bin my old one never went that high lol.
2008-12-01 14:00:22
Here is the stock SR20VE timing map that I have in Excel - I'm very rusty on the maps, but you can see the timing peaks at 47 degrees. The very high numbers account for the knock sensor, so subtract 125 from them to get the "real" value.

My SR16VE map peaks at 46 degrees.

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