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Thread: VAFC2 working with mafs!!!

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2008-11-12 03:55:38
Kevo glad you understand what im asking lol. It only has one signal to switch both over. But that should be fine for right now.

Is anyone TUNING there car with the VAFC? I dont care about the cam switching part.
2008-11-12 17:05:49
yes i am tunning with it.... calum basic+vsafc+wideband
2008-11-13 18:59:43
How does it work out for you? Are the corrections still the same or what? Is there anything you had to do that was different?
2008-11-13 22:13:42
Wang wang Neo is the way to go.
it has best of both worlds. and reads alot of info.
only thing i dont like bout afc is tampering with splicing an cuttin on the maf wires. i wouldnt trust that **** on a broke dick dog different voltage readings. but others have more hp thn me an use it soo..

v-afc should do more then just the valve timing aspect.
2008-11-14 22:24:25
she works fine i cant complain.
2008-11-15 01:22:03
Originally Posted by rob_96
she works fine i cant complain.

So you hooked it up just like a regular SAFC and it works? Give me some info here stop with the one sentence answers
2008-11-15 04:56:21
sry man, i will be honest the guy who put the motor in installed and, i had to we wire it for something and ya its the same way as a safc i assume just must made sure that i followed the instrutions, and installed her. i what ur email pm it to me i will send u the wireing diagram
2008-11-15 05:35:33
sry i have a vafc, not a number 2,
2008-11-15 06:00:10
They should be the same thing. just about. I think the 2 has more correction points on it thats all. If its wired up just like the SAFC ive got the wiring diagram. Im gonna try this and see what happens. Rob thanks for your confirmation and help
2008-11-15 17:56:14
no problem man, i havethe v-afc pdf if u need it. good luck keep me posted
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