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Thread: dynoed again today, opinions welcome...

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2008-11-10 18:21:42
Originally Posted by gtirwezz
awesome dude, did it not give a WHP figure?

doh sorry thought I had that in the OP....whp is 156
2008-11-10 19:38:32
whats your base timing set at?
2008-11-10 19:54:25
Originally Posted by speedyd718
whats your base timing set at?

lol thats a sore subject....

when the car was mapped, the timing was advanced 20deg ..my mistake cause I never checked the timing when the engine was fitted...just assumed the previous owner had it set at a sensible level....

I checked the timing a month or so before getting it on the dyno, and as it showed 20deg I moved it down to 15 as I thought 20 seemed too high...this most likely affected the figures as well...

will be getting a remap soon am still deciding whether I should leave the timing there, or drop it nearer the factory setting for the 20ve...
2008-11-10 21:42:22
If its a DE ECU then 20deg isnt bad at all and is where it should be
2008-11-10 22:10:58
hmm interesting didn't know that...would have thought if it was going to be mapped and timing adjust accordingly wouldn't the DE Ecu then be as good as a VE one?
2008-11-10 23:11:20
The DE is 9.5:1 with a head that doesnt flow nearly as well as a VE head. The 20VE block is 10.3:1 from reading on here.

So really the VE is like a totaly different motor thats the same. Yeah you can run a DE ECU for the VE. But you have to understand that the ECU is setup for a motor that will detonate before the VE will so the timing is way more on teh conservative side then it should be.

With 156whp and the Tq curve of a VE that car probably feels like lightly bolted on B16. A DE with S4's will make close to that. Read around a bit and switch your timing up
2008-11-10 23:17:40
cheers for the tips...have been reading around about the timing etc....does get confusing with a lot of conflicting posts....but suppose it all depends on each persons setup....
2008-11-19 21:31:34
going for a remap on this monday...so any more advice/opinions on what I can do to get the best out this mapping session...

still much of a noob when it comes to the timing side of things with this engine, but am learning
2008-11-24 18:58:48
had a play on the dyno today results as follows : -

spent some time on there leaning it out, adding more timing, getting cams to come on earlier, later etc....this was the best combination that we managed to get...

cams both set to come on at 4600, 161.5 whp, torque is 150..
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