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Thread: HowTo: '99 P11 Engine Harness into '00+ P11 - for SR20VE

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2011-07-02 09:02:17
HowTo: '99 P11 Engine Harness into '00+ P11 - for SR20VE
Hello! As you know, your 2000 - 2002 P11 is blessed with the 32 Bit OBD2 ECU. This can make it a chore when trying to run a tune-able ECU, as there are no daughter-boards available for the 32 Bit ECU's. There are several ways to go about tuning your '00+ P11s, but this is probably the least wire intensive option. You can use the factory '00+ P11 harness and rewire it to the earlier 16 Bit OBD2 ECU like in this HowTo by KrAsH on both SR20-forum.com / SR20Forum.com Forums and B15sentra.net, you can run a standalone like AEM EMS, OR you can swap harnesses to the eariler '99 P11 Harness! Doing this will essentially turn your engine bay into an earlier 16 Bit OBD2 bay that can run a NisTune, Calum or JWT ECU with ease. Big thanks to Krist and Greg from G-Spec being the brains behind this operation. Kudos!

I'll be showing you how to run a '99 P11 Engine harness in your '00+ P11.

As far as the motor choice, I'll be showing the swap of an SR20VE, but this can be used with a Non-RR DE, DET etc.

First things first, you'll need your parts list. This is the same as any SR20VE swap into any P or B chassis'd car, with the addition to a few things. Here are the BASIC parts:

-SR20VE Motor
-Solenoid switching hardware (Greddy MSS etc.)
-B14/P10 ECU
-Header (SSAC, Hotshot, ASP etc.)
-'99 P11 Engine harness (Manual transmission preferred)
-'99 P11 Injector Sub-harness
-'00+ P11 Distributor
-'99 P11 MAF Sensor or N60 MAF (just not your factory '00+ MAF)

Of course this is just a very basic list. I recommend replacing seals, gaskets etc. while the motor is out.

1. Preperation - Prepping for the swap.

* Once you have the RR SR20DE out of the car, pull the factory engine harness out. Disconnect the ECU which is below the center counsel under the dash along with the 2 harness connectors.

As far as prepping the motor, you'll need to use several sensors from a '99 P11 including:
-Idle Air Control Valve / Accessory Auxiliary Control Unit IACV / AAC
-Coolant Temperature Sensor ( CTS ) / Sending Unit
-Oil Pressure Sending Unit

2. Wiring - Installing the '99 Harness.

*On the 1999 Main harness, there are 2 white plugs that plug into each side of the console. On the 2002 body side, there is an extra plug on the drivers side that is no longer used. There are two wires that do not match and must be switched. The wires should be removed from the harness side plugs. I soldered them to some wire and solder them to the body side. You CAN use scotch-locks, but as these 2 wires are pretty important (one is the fuel pump signal) you don't want these coming loose.

M49 and M63 '02 Chassis Harness

F23 and F25 '99 Engine Harness

>> The Black / Red wire form #6 Passenger-side '99 harness plug must be connected to #12 Green / White wire from Driver-side '02 BODY plug [Diagram 1]

>> The White / Red wire from #12 Driver-side '99 harness plug must be connected to Black / Red #6 from the Passenger-side '02 BODY plug [Diagram 2]

[ Basically, you're attaching wires from one the chassis sides to the passenger side. Soldering these wires will not allow you to remove the '99 harness from the vehicle without cutting these soldered wires unless you have a quick connect/disconnect connection between them. ]

Once these wires are properly installed and the '99 harness plugs are connected to the '02 Chassis plugs, your '99 harness is installed into you '02! BUT WAIT, continue to follow the steps.

3. Re-pinning - Repinning the ECU Harness to properly run the early model OBD2 ECU of the '95 - '97 B14 / '94 - '96 P10. (If you are going to be running a stock '99 ECU, you can stop at step 2)

* The earlier model OBD2 ECU's have slightly different pinounts of the ECM Harness. Without these, your O2 Sensor will not work properly among other sensors. There are several Write ups on how to solve this. I may or may not be showing the full version, but it is what JWT has written. (Note: The '98+ B14 share the same style ECU as the '99 P11)

4. Mas Air Flow Sensor - Wiring the N60 MAF

*When running the '99 Engine harness, you have the choice to run any MAF your ECU will be tuned for. You can use the factory '99 MAF sensor or you can "Upgrade" to the N60 or N62 MAF (Note: N60 and N62 Mafs have the same wiring.)

Use a N60 / N62 Pigtail to replace the original MAF wire loom connector. Solder and shink tube all connections to make solid water tight splices. Cut the wires and solder them to the correct N60 / N62 connector wires (see chart below). This conversion will only work with a properly programmed ECU specifically for this MAF sensor.

[ What I did was instead of cutting the '99 MAF Sensor pigtail off to solder the N60 / N62 Pigtail, I spliced into the '99 Pigtail so that Mafs can we swapped if need be. ]

4. Rear O2 Sensor - Wiring for rear O2 Sensor.

* The problem with putting a '99 Harness into the '00+ P11 Chassis is that the '00+ P11s have the Rear O2 Sensor connector ON the engine harness itself while the '99 P11s have them on a separate harness on the chassis by the Catalytic Converter, coming from a loom off the bottom of the car. To have properly running rear O2 Sensor, you'll need to manually run wires from the ECU to the the rear O2 Sensor. By utilizing this ECU Pin-out, you will be able run them from the appropriate signal wires. You'll want to use the '99 P11 Rear O2 Sensor and plug. By Using the diagram in step 3, you will assure you are using the correct connections from the ECU.

5. Consult Port - Wiring the Consult port from the ECU Harness

* With the installation of the '99 P11 Harness in your '00+ P11, you'll notice you don't have a consult port to read / communicate with your ECU! I'll be showing you which wires you'll need to tap into and what you'll need to add this in.

>>> I am still working on this. It is very simple, just have to figure some things out. <<<

Hope this helps! Will continue as I have time! Let me know if you have any questions!
2011-07-02 16:04:25
Man it almost seems like it's easier to do a stepdown .

Good job on the writeup, very good information
2011-07-02 18:16:43
Wow!! One of the best write ups I've seen. Good work and thanks!!!
2011-07-02 21:19:34
Thanks guys. It's actually a lot easier then it sounds. Before doing this, I had re-pinned the factory '02 harness and this is so much easier and less stressful.
2011-07-03 19:29:50
Thank you for this. Now i need to hit up the junk yard for a 99 harness.
2011-10-19 06:59:55
Thanks for the write up. Any update on the consult port? thanks again
2011-10-22 06:27:53
Can I use stock B14 (96) ecu with E60 MAF? or do I have to get b14 MAF? Im planning to run Nistune but Ill use the B14 ECU for awhile. Thanks!
2011-10-22 10:14:38
If you're planning on running the stock B14 ECU, you'll need to run a stock B14 Maf.
2011-10-22 14:01:14
could i use a obd2 step down harness to run a b13 ecu?
2011-10-23 05:21:45
Originally Posted by javcrodgz
If you're planning on running the stock B14 ECU, you'll need to run a stock B14 Maf.

thanks for quick response. Is wiring the maf same as the one on this write up?
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