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Thread: How to: Reroute your IACV plugs and replace plug for VVL swap

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2012-03-01 23:11:34
ok, one mo time..

just swap out the big hex thing that has the purple plug on it with one from a DE, highport an low port both have the same grey plug iacv..

that thing right there ^^ with the purple.. just take it off an swap it for the DE one..
2012-03-01 23:13:32
I'm not sure I understand what you mean by "hex thing" haha, the entire IACV sensor? I thought it was confirmed that DE IACV's don't fit into VE's, at any rate I'll document what I do on my VE thread haha
2012-03-01 23:15:18
2012-03-01 23:17:58
I'll see what I can do when I get home, don't worry I won't ask any more questions about it though, lynch + caps = ismadbro.jpg, I'll take detailed pics when I get home so EVERYONE is clear on this :P
2012-03-01 23:19:09
if need be just pm me with pics an i'll see what i can do to help
2012-03-01 23:23:38
^You da man lynch! other than erratic idle when warm, waiting for the VE dizzy and doin a clutch my VE should be track worthy!
2012-03-01 23:25:25
ok these pics are from when i installed my ve, since then i've done ALOT of cleaning up, but should help with what im saying here..

see no purple plug, because i used the DE one..

that should clear things up.
2012-03-02 11:23:59
Thats wierd,Some how mine broke wen I was trying to put it in and wen it came apart I examined it and saw that the lil stick thingy inside was hitting the hole and that's y it forced itself, it was like over tightnd but wasn't even all the way in, their was a lil gap,I'll try to post pics,and I'm not saying it doesn't fit.im just curious y mine broke,my b u guys can help me out wen I get pictures up here thanx
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2013-03-30 07:33:10
I never even thought of that, Josh. Swapping the solenoid over. My b14 was ga powered before so I didn't even have a de iacv. Either way will work. I did all the work that I did because I wanted to prove that you can use all of the VE stuff and not have any problems. I read so much bs on here before I did mine Bout how you have to swap out all this stuff for DE parts. I said F that and made the VE work like it was meant to.
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