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Thread: How to: Wire up your MSD RPM activated switch for your VVL

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2009-11-01 14:46:30
Great write up I needed this!
2009-12-13 05:15:16
luk, my solenoids did not come with pigtails, so I am unsure which are the 'brown' ones you mentioned. Could you please take the harness off the solenoids themselves and indicate which pins are the 'brown' wires you mentioned? Basically, you can say that the knock sensor like solenoid clip has 3 guides on it, the left, the right, and the top. Looking at the solenoid with the top pointing up, the right pin is the 'brown' wire, and indicate the same for the other pigtail stating that the push button is considered the 'top'. Know what I mean?

Here's a picture to help what I mean:

2009-12-13 18:16:53
If you look at my first picture, the green plug, it would be the wire to the right of the release. So looking directly at the plugs from the front of the car, the left plug is the top wire, the right plug is the bottom wire. Those two go together then the other two go together. It does not matter which way you wire them (+,-) since they do not have a polarity.
2009-12-13 21:23:57
exactly what I need. so really even if I hooked up a 'brown' wire to a non 'brown' wire, it doesn't matter then, as long as one set is positive 12V and one is grounded - yes?
2009-12-13 22:06:09
I believe so, but am not entirely sure since I've read in a couple threads that they both have to be wired the same. However, since they have no polarity it shouldn't really matter.
2009-12-16 02:50:29
one last question luk, what 12V ign power source did you tap into?
2010-02-25 19:05:13
I think this should be said:

the msd 8969 solenoid WILL complete the circuit when it is not getting 12V power and the car is running.
2010-03-02 07:34:04
I just jumped straight from my battery for the power.

And I don't know about the 8969 but did you maybe wire it wrong? It shouldn't complete the circuit like that. Or maybe you haven't set the switch points yet?
2010-03-02 15:55:42
nope, it's wired correctly.
2010-03-02 17:44:16
Well that's just wierd. I'd ask in the VE section or something if anybody else using that switch has had that problem.

Is it switching your cams over at idle?
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