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Thread: P11/B15 shifter rod and stabilizer for B13/b14 chassis

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2015-08-02 04:02:30
Originally Posted by javierb14
No news yet. I've had to meet some deadlines at the day job lately and that hasn't given me much time to work on these linkages. I might be able to get to a pair this weekend though...let me see what I can do.

Waiting my friend.
2015-08-03 03:30:46
Shift linkage builds are underway. I started to iron out a few of the details over the weekend to be able to make these in batches.

First step was finalizing the some of the shifter parts that are cnc plasma cut and test fitting them.

Stabilizer and selector parts are nested and almost good to go

Stabilizer tacked and test fit

Another view
2015-09-07 20:10:07
money in hand
2015-10-28 04:45:28
Sorry yall, I haven't had time to work on these (or much else) in the last couple of months....work has been busy and I've been working on/repairing my old house. I'll be back at soon though In the last couple of months, this house has taught me how to swap out a 200A main breaker, troubleshoot a glitchy HVAC, and I'll be digging trenches for termite treatment this weekend after finding mud tunnels a few days ago.

quick pic of the old main breaker that I swapped out

and fixing a non-operational HVAC

Owning a house is fun lol!
2015-11-04 19:02:21
Cant wait to see a set of this man, i also have money in hand let us know when you have set ready im local by the way once your are done let me know ill pick one up for sure.
2015-11-21 05:49:24
I just installed a B15 trans in my P10 and am looking for a shift linkage. If you want to build and send one for a test fit I will be your guinea pig.
2015-12-01 03:09:28
After I knock out a few control arms I'll be focusing my attention on the shift linkage builds...stay tuned!
2015-12-01 22:04:07
Shifter and control arm gb?
2016-01-30 12:18:14
Originally Posted by javierb14
After I knock out a few control arms I'll be focusing my attention on the shift linkage builds...stay tuned!

My friend Javier I don't want this to be left in the past. Remember I told you dollar exchange was 15.3 pesos x 1 dll well today is 18.8 pesos per 1 dll that's 23% increase in less than 6 months and it looks is going higher this is why I need to pay for it as fast as it's available.

Please let me know any updates

2016-01-30 22:46:50
True that dlr is gainning on the peso field.
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