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Thread: Prototype Turbo Manifold

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2012-03-04 04:34:53
Prototype Turbo Manifold
Some of yall have asked for T3 framed compatible turbo manifolds, so we have started messing around with a new design. It's in the very early stages right now and is starting to take shape. A few of design goals are:

  • support a wide range of torque and power levels for T3s
  • excellent boost control utilizing optimal wastegate positioning
  • compatible with all standard engine accessories such as A/C, P/S, standard alternator placement, etc.
  • supports high flow exhausts post turbo...room for large radii bends
  • awesome oil drain plumbing allowance
  • easily accessible hardware...piece of cake to install and remove the mani
  • longevity...this mani should last a while
  • affordability, target price is $750

a few pics of the manifold taking shape in a P11

fitment with a bushing Garrett using a "5bolt" housing

fitment with a ball bearing Garrett using a GT 4 bolt or T31 housing

a thermostat to radiator hardline will be fabricated next to free up a little bit of space
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2012-03-04 04:45:56
SO I am curious how you plan to connect the radiator hose with the compressor being in the way?
2012-03-04 04:54:29
modify the thermostat housing and run a hardline to the radiator. or, remove the thermo hsg, and run a hardline to the radiator with an inline thermostat in a different location.
2012-03-04 04:55:06
Prob design a neck to come with the kit?
2012-03-04 04:55:38
Looks good so far...I am interested in this thermostat to radiator hard line you speak of. That hose is basically rubbing my piping at the moment.
2012-03-04 05:16:24
Definitely got my attention ;-)
2012-03-04 05:34:56
2012-03-04 20:47:14
Just as I bought a T3 manifold this pops up

What about pushing the compressor housing where the catch can stud is (and ask people to grind it off).

Or to the left of it, though getting 3 and 4 runners to fit would be harder.

2012-03-04 23:56:21
Are you making it with a DP for $750 or optional?
2012-03-05 03:49:30
Originally Posted by Dave_SR20
Are you making it with a DP for $750 or optional?

DP is usually additional. Though if you look around at top mounts, you will find that price is great.
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