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Thread: Adjustable B13 Rear LCAs, gauging interest.

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2011-08-31 19:24:40
So can I benefit from these if lets say I want to lower my B13 just a bit and maybe increase tire size to "15...?
2011-08-31 19:39:10
Everyone can benefit from removing the inherent bind in the rear suspension. However, the trade-offs might not make it worth it to you. Nor do you need them to help lower the rear or run 15" tires.
2011-08-31 20:01:43
I can use some extended front LCA's. I can sure benefit from those since I want to lower the car a bit just to reduce my 4x4 fender gap.
2011-08-31 20:02:16

And please take the tech specific questions to the Suspension section of the forum if this is going to get detailed.
2011-09-01 21:56:06
Ready to purchase.
2011-09-18 17:37:18
What happened with these?
2011-09-18 17:39:58
I believe they are still on the way. Last I heard on Facebook was that the aluminum bars were finished in the CAD software.

Edit to add the post from FB:
Aluminum lower control arm/radius rod design almost there. Next step, real world prototype testing!

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2011-09-18 21:28:15
he got a fulltime job so will only be making this type of stuff on his spare time and weekends. he is still producing them, just taking longer than initially expected.

im picking up a couple sets of these soon.
2011-10-01 23:16:49
Definitely interested in these. I've been reviewing my rear camber adjustment options and these should fit the bill. Any idea on range of camber and toe adjustment? I suppose if you're doing different lengths then it could be customized.
2011-10-09 19:17:33
These are still on the way, just put on hold for a little bit. The new job along with moving has forced these along with all other projects to the back burner. The good news is that my brother will be taking up the slack and handling all the sales and the majority of communication from now on.

These two sets are for Kaotekxe.
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