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Thread: how to calum rt 2 version 0 connection - wiring and settings ?

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2016-10-15 07:51:00
And my check engine light is on is there Some software tool to read faults from this ecu ? You say use a data scan program witch one are u using ?

Gr willem
2016-10-16 00:48:48
Port A is supposed to be for the Consult port. You can use "Nissan Data Scan" or "EcuTalk" or any other consult I software. EcuTalk is free and doesn't require installation, can be run from flash drive.


Required Files
ECUTalk on a PC/Laptop requires the .NET Framework 1.1 - get it from Windows Update:
.NET Framework 1.1 and then (optionally) get and install SP1:
.NET Framework 1.1 Service Pack 1

Port B is the emulator, this is the port you connect to with tunerpro or EmUtility

32K bin is correct

When loading a bin you must load 32k bin from 8000 to FFFF
2016-10-16 13:30:45
I am just gonna say this. It is 2016 now. We have much better tuning solutions available. The cheapest one being Nismotronic, then Megasquirt PnP, and finally AEM.

It's never too late to sell that antique piece, and getting something plug'n'play.
2016-10-16 17:17:38
Dala it's what he has and by no means is it obsolete or antique.

Nismotronic is superior only because of its embedded code (tunercode).

A version of Tunercode was written specifically for the Calum RT and this unlocks all of its potential for the user who cannot program in C. Dave didn't continue development on this so an SA version doesn't exist. I understand that the nismotronic hardware allows Dave to protect his intellectual property and I am all for that. I cannot fault what Dave and John have done for our community, kudos to them.

In circa 2008 when the RT was made it came with; 4 digital inputs, 4 HC(digital outputs) and 4 (0-5v) analog inputs and can hold a 64K rom All these inputs and outputs are on the board so you still can use the ones on the ECU as well. What this means is that it is more versatile worldwide and we are not forced to use a few specific USDM ecus and one expensive worldwide version(GTiR).

Moates decided to save a few cents and use a 32k chip when they made the nismotronic hardware instead of 64k or larger, I would have liked to have seen all these inputs and outputs on the board, maybe a micro-sd slot for logging instead of onboard memory. A direct serial(and or USB host) input to get the real-time and most accurate wideband input. Who is tuning without a wideband? Why resort to 0-5V, what year was that?

In 2016 the Calum RT and nistune are the only viable realtime solutions for the B14 and P11 people that want to keep their car stockish & the appearance of road legal.

In 2016 ppl are still happily using basic boards and are happily paying persons to burn bins onto eeprom chips and send it to them.

Let him use it, learn a bit and then if it doesn't suit his needs, he can take up one of your suggestions, to dismiss the Calum RT as being an antique is unfair and untrue, to say the least.

If english was his first language he would have had this running since the first reply.
2016-10-16 18:01:02

i download tprt and drivers again everything like to work but no rt, i also downloaded utility tool as you say,

in tprt and the utility tool i can upload the file,s and he say that it completed so i see no fault.
i have upload the new bin to the ecu with both of the programs and it is still the old tune on the ecu is there somthing wrong with the ecu ?

in device manager i have disable port 2 and i see its working becous tprt can not connected on that moment.
but port 1 looks a problem i dont see anything happend and i can not connect to it with nissan data scan or ecu talk ( i have windows 7 )

thank u for your time and support
2016-10-16 21:18:56
on your daughterboard pics, you have one of the plugs unplugged a black and purple wire, is everything plugged in?

Are you doing this on the bench or in the car?

The emulator will work with only usb plugged in.

Consult data will only be available with the ECU "on" so Ignition on has to be simulated for the ECU to "boot" and run, only then will consult software be able to talk to the ecu.

What Hardware is detected by Emutility? Should detect " Romulator x Vx.xx"

First load bin file onto Calum RT:


Using Emutility you can verify emulator RAM with the file on the computer. Change from "write from file to emulator" to "verify emulator ram with file"

If you are doing all of this successfully then the only thing that could be wrong is the Battery is dead, verify battery voltage, the Calum RT battery is supposed to last 10yrs minimum.

Are you following this:?
2016-10-16 23:10:14
yes thank u i have done it with tunerpro en emu look the screenshot, but its still working on the old map and i load it at home i have a connector wired.
the wire was for the picture but its on now i think the ecu is not good or somthing.


i can not connect nissan datascan or ecu talk.
2016-10-16 23:13:10
i can test the battery tomorrow what is the minimal voltage
2016-10-16 23:42:54
Battery voltage should be 3.7V I think but check it will be written on battery.

Did you run a verify using Emutility? Operation: Verify emulator Ram with file

Do this first, if it passes then you may have overwritten the file you are trying to upload with what was on the CalumRT.

In this case delete file @ Downloads\eu_p11_primera_gt.bin and download a fresh copy.

The file you are trying to load onto the CalumRT is a B13 32k file correct? Its just that the name you have for it suggests a 64k file that the GT P11 Blacktop RR engine comes with in its bosch ECU.

What is the ECU that the CalumRT is installed into if u can see the Nissan part number(23710-xxxxx) or the Unisa Jecs part number(A18-xxx........)
2016-10-17 08:27:32

yes I do all the options in emutility and veriefy is also good,


yes I have the black top engine, I download a 32 kb file for it on I have maf 22680-2J200

I download the file here p10/n14/b13 ecu into euro p11 3j504 is the ecu code I downloaded ( 32kb) my ecu is 3j501 but I think it most work ?

I can not do a datascan on my ecu so I can not see any other problem if there is an another problem.
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