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Thread: A sd factor

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2016-02-10 23:45:31
A sd factor
Ok so i was playing with my ve swapped b13 and noticed when i have it as a maf load source it has an erractic idle i switch the load source to tps and the erratic idle seemed to go away but then it stayed idling around 1200-1300 rpm so i noticed that car is running rich cause i could smell it and black was comong out the tail pipe(dont have my wide band hooked up yet) so i then went into fuel trims and started messing with my sd factor which i think stands for speed density? Which is my main question, but it was 115 i moved it up and noticed i my idle went down so i ended up with 160 and seems do be right about 950-1k can any one give me some info on this sd factor ? Thanks in adavanced

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2016-02-11 00:23:38
I took a couple vids currently trying to get them up here just facing a little difficulty
2016-02-11 01:13:00

2016-02-11 04:07:07
OK, for starters don't use TPS for the load source if you have a perfectly good MAF installed on the car.

The SD factor is the weighting that the cell values have on the final fuel result ... basically higher SD factor = more fuel per unit.

There is a video on the web site explaining how this works.


Now, onto the other issues.

Put a base calibration back onto the ECU from the startup calibrations section of the site that corresponds to your setup.


Then tune from there. Don't switch the load source to TPS or MAP unless you are experienced enough to dial them in. Switching load sources without tuning and setting up the rest of the tables is a realllly bad idea!

BTW, if you right click on ANY item in the software you can select the "Help" option and it will take you to the support page of the documentation that has an explanation of that item.
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2016-02-11 04:14:21
Ok thanks alot john

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2016-02-11 04:16:26
And also the was being used on my other b13 that had the same set up but it has been parked for about a year or so, so ill go back and recheck it thanks

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