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Thread: Codes on jwt ecu

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2015-12-19 06:43:18
Codes on jwt ecu
How do you pull codes on a jwt ecu? I tried the obd2 port and nothing. Also tried my old consult cable and it nothing. I was able to pull the codes once on a snap on at my old shop and no longer have access to it. Please help.
2015-12-19 11:05:32
Never heard of issues pulling codes on a JWT ecu before...have you tried the manual method with the screw on the side of the ecu?
2015-12-19 17:59:06
No I have not. I thought the obd2 didn't have it, only obd1
2015-12-19 18:22:33
Oh sry...check your FSM! There's a method involving the ign.switch, gas pedal, and waiting... Not sure but it would be like: Turn ign on but don't start, wait 3 seconds, press gas pedal to floor 7 times within 5 seconds...something like that.

I shoulda hit you with LMGTFY cuz I'm sure it's on the tube...
2016-01-02 01:03:55
I have a JWT and I use a simple hand held code reader. No problems.
2016-01-02 01:57:33
My consult was messed up. Put my autel on it and it worked. Had me bent all types of ways. Can't wait to get my nemu. Thanks guys
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