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Thread: 92 nx2000 I/H/E tuning

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2015-10-20 15:43:26
92 nx2000 I/H/E tuning
So I'm looking to just have a basic bolt on tuned car for a few years, got the projects in the works so I need a NA reliable ride. I have a nx2000 going to be putting on SSAC (larger version) headers, catless 3" cat back, custom CAI and advanced timing. Previously I never flashed/tuned my ecu's. Any ECU's out there for such a basic setup?
2015-10-20 22:11:03
JWT ecu is your easiest bet. get the basic POP tune for n/a or a ecu from John which is a lot cheaper (which you can change the tune later if you want by removable/reprogrammable chips. $500 vs $200
2015-10-21 03:25:44
Is John his user name? So it's a plug and play?
2015-10-24 02:43:02
Yes. there's ecu tune for that. Paypal me 500.00 I'll send you one. Send me your ecu I'll tune your ecu for it. It'll be the most reliable ecu you will ever need.
2015-11-06 02:31:04
You need this: NismoTronic - Nissan ECU Tuning and a wideband wired in to the Nismotronic ECU. John can help you set up a base tune and he also provides remote tuning services. With a bit of reading on this forum, you can learn how to tune it yourself. You can also find a reputable local tuner to set your car up on a dyno.

A good tune will really wake the car up, NA or Turbo.
2015-11-06 02:37:11

That is his forum name. Try a PM and give him some time and be patient for a reply. I believe email is best.

2015-11-12 19:41:56
SKIP all of that! Go get an SAFC for $100 and a wideband and tune the car. Itll make the same power as all these $500 ecu's. No point in going all out for such a simple setup.
2015-11-12 20:00:59
this is what I'm looking to do.

Moates Dual-Chip Board + Install, NismoTronic - Nissan ECU Tuning
2015-11-12 20:03:38
You can definitely go that route also. But for such a simple setup id go SAFC.
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