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Thread: Cell phone options?

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2015-08-20 00:19:57
Cell phone options?
I've always had old shitty cell phones, and just got a decent one. I was wondering what I could do with it and my ecu. I'm using a calumsult realtime. I've seen the Nissan Data Scan app, I'm pretty sure that would work, I'm just not sure if it would work via usb instead of consult port. I don't see a tunerpro app so know I can't make any changes, but the gauges and stuff could be useful.
2015-08-22 14:28:42
Switch to NismotronicSA and use their bluetooth app. Pretty much the only option.
2015-08-22 18:38:17
I'm well aware that there are better things available these days. I'm looking to see what I can do with what I have.
2015-08-23 09:22:09
Only other option that I know of is a blue tooth obd scanner like the one innovate sells. But the problem with that is how many channels you can have. Since Nissan had the Consult, they didnt deem it neccesary to have a large bandwidth for the obd, thus limiting the amount of information you can get from the innovate scanner. Anything over 3 channels or so, the feed become very choppy.
2015-08-23 16:22:35
The Calum RT has its consult interface built in. The Calum real-time uses a single USB interface that connects via an ftdi dual chip. This emulates 2 serial com ports. One com port is for the emulator and the other is for the built in consult port.

So any consult software that would run on your phone if it supports USB otg would allow you to use the consult datastream and so view any data available there.

If USB otg is not an option then buy the eBay serial consult interface. Buy the eBay Bluetooth serial interface. Put them together there is a diy on the net. Now you have a Bluetooth consult interface that can be used with any Nissan having the OBD1 14 pin grey diagnostic connector. This can be used with any software that supports consult over bluetooth.

Only one caveat to use this on the Calum real-time u would need to unplug the consult header within the ECU else effectively u would have two consult interfaces connected to the same ECU and that will not fly. The consult header is the plug that has a few wires soldered onto the backside of the ECU main harness connector.
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2015-08-24 01:01:07
I've looked at the blue tooth adapter, but wanted to make sure that it would work with my phone before buying one. Thanks for your input!
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