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Thread: tuner pro rt tune who can do it?

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2015-07-15 14:23:39
tuner pro rt tune who can do it?
My ecu has a tuner pro rt tune of some sort on it. I'm wanting to get my car retuned. I am in princeton wv. I'm just wondering if almost any tuning shop could do it and if anyone knows of any in or around the va/nc and the ohio/pa areas for a tuner.
Needing a retune bad.

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2015-07-17 13:23:15
My best suggestion is to get a Nistune license, or see if a local tune shop has a Nistune license. Calums programs were a good start, but its so outdated now and Nistune made their tuning software compatible with it. Using calums software you had to run two or three programs to get all the data needed for logging. Pretty cumbersome. Otherwise sell the RT and get and NismotronicSA.
2015-07-17 19:52:37
Nistune if it is a Realtime Calum, but if it is a Chipped ECU, the trouble is far worse.

Someone with understanding in Honda's Crome can see and modify the SR20 bins, but there will be no logging. Probably somebody tuning Crome also has a Moates Burn2 (perhaps even an Ostrich2) or similar to read and burn chips.

Tuning this is a hassle for someone who is not familiar already and if the tuner does not have the need or will to check it all out, most likely will decline
2015-07-18 21:16:35
A pic of the inside of the ecu will tell us what type of system you are running and then possibly you will get some useful information & suggestions.
2015-07-27 19:22:54
Yeah i suggest you get NIStune or Nismotronics if your up to it it way much better.
2015-07-28 16:32:50
I am not toooo far away and could help you out with a tuning session.
2015-07-28 19:52:44
I have came into contact with Richard knight and he's offered to help me get the car on a proper setup and get me a proper tune. So we will see. If not I'll be back. I'll keep you all updated.
John Jk tuning if richard don't come through I'll be hitting you up in the near future.

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2015-07-30 15:00:51
I dont know why people are mentioning Nistune....Nistune to the best of my knowledge does not work with Calum/Tuner RT boards. you would have to use the tunercode/nismotronic stuff.

Nistune is only compatible with Nistune boards IIRC
2015-07-30 15:30:04
That's what I was thinking u had to have a new board or ecu to run the nismotronic

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2015-07-31 10:12:48
@enohand http://nistune.com/docs/NIStune_Emulator_Tutorial.pdf
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