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Thread: Marsh tuning ecu help!!!

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2015-06-13 01:12:30
Marsh tuning ecu help!!!
I picked up an sr20ve swapped b13 that came with a Marsh tuning ecu, since then I added n1 cams, tri y headers and excessive manifold but I can't get a hold of him and he's to far away for me to try to go get tuned by him. My question is does anyone know the software he use to chip and tune cars or what it is chipped with. My only other plan is to send my stock b13 ecu out to either nismotronic or nistune. Any help would be grateful!!
2015-06-13 03:28:52
2015-06-14 03:14:31
Get nismotronic
2015-06-16 17:21:10
Yea that's what I'm aiming towards
2015-06-16 22:19:57
what maf are you using?
2015-06-16 22:27:12
have you opened it up? that should help you learn whats inside
2015-06-16 23:12:54
i did just a board with two chips saudered to it, ill take pics tomorrow mornging but it says on the ecu sr20ve with N60 maf's but i have an N62 maf still drives decent
2015-06-17 00:19:34
actually i think i know what it is now, looks just like a chipped nismotronic ecu board/chip everything sits exactly the same even the green cable that goes to the dial. Atleast thats what it looks like on the nismotronic website.
2015-06-17 01:07:23
there you go

doubt it drives that good with a program for a different maf
2015-06-17 01:34:47
Originally Posted by morgans432
there you go

doubt it drives that good with a program for a different maf

It actually drives decent but i dont get on it much just cruise with it untill i get everything worked out, since the cams and manifold i havent even drove it. I went ahead and ordered an chip tune right now for my set up to see how it goes 40 bucks is worth a shot, but if not ill go ahead and buy the nismotronic and send my ecu in.
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