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Thread: nismotronic tuners in California

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2015-04-16 20:01:10
nismotronic tuners in California
I live in SanFrancisco and was hoping I could go to someone that's familiar with nismotronic. I'm looking to get a better engine management because the JWT ecu isn't cutting it for my set up. I want to get the SA unit but need a reputable tuner in northern California
2015-04-16 20:54:36
What part of SF? You can always get nismotronic, and get an e-tune from them. Schedule a time on the dyno and coordinate with jk tuning so they can remote in.

If you need something quick and dirty I can do as street tune pretty easily, I live in the north bay.

If you do schedule time on the rollers, let me know who you are going with and the cost. I need to schedule some time in the near future as well.
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2015-04-16 21:32:49
Yeah, an etune was what I was planning on doing to get me on the road but I didn't know JK could tune remotely. I live in Laurel Heights district. Its next to Presidio
2015-04-16 21:39:32
There is a shop in Hayward that's called D&R that does all my buddies Honda's with Hondata and AEM seems pretty knowledgeable but he's always really busy. There is a shop in Santa Rosa that's tune Subarus and Evo's and I spoke to them because I seen a B13 outside there shop one day. Hit was a straight track car. I'm thinking about checking them out too
2015-04-17 01:37:33
I'm like 10 min from Santa rosa and right down the street from rpm who has a dynojet however their rates are stupid high. Looking at 300 just for the time
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2015-04-17 03:01:03
Yeah that's expensive.. I was thinking about Fine Line Imports on Piner st in SantaRosa. I think they are $200 an hour
2015-04-17 14:25:03
If you find a shop you like in the SF area, you can show them the Nismotronic Dealers page and hopefully they can become one.
2015-04-17 15:21:41
RPM is $150 an hour but requires 2 hours minimum (this is where I got $300.) They do let you split it between 2 cars though so it would be $150 each.


I've heard of shops up in Sac that do it for $75 an hour.
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