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Thread: E manage ultimate+vvl activation

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2014-09-25 17:01:19
E manage ultimate+vvl activation
Anyone here using e manage ultimate that have successfully wired their vvl solenoids to work in conjunction with EMU ? Does the emu work as a ground for the solenoids? Or do I need to run a relay with them?

Please!! Input from people that have done this. I don't want your I think but never done it.
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2014-09-26 14:16:05
I used a e manage blue for my vvl activation for years. It actually provided switchable power and not ground if I remember right. Also I was using the honda vtec settings to switch the cams not the Nissan vct.
2014-09-26 15:47:49
I'll have to check channel 5 injector for power. I have the emu set per manual. Maybe I've got this backwards. Thank you
2014-10-02 01:27:25
E manage ultimate directions are so contradictory. I can't figure this shit out.
2014-10-02 19:51:12
Yes, it can be confusing with all the manual and electronic settings.

Set up your jumpers and rotary switches to match a Nissan 4cyl. It should have directions for JDM RWD sr20s.

Next make sure that the injectors, air flow meeter, tps, rpm signal, ignition timing is all working properly.

From there you can enable some type of switchable output. I recommend checking out the recommended pins for honda vtec and wiring it through that. It will need proper tps and rpm signal.

My terminology will be slightly off because I have not messed with the emanage in a long time.
2014-10-02 19:53:37
And check out this link. It's old but accurate.

2014-10-02 21:41:28
I am using the ultimate and it's a bit different. However, my RPM's will not log for some reason. I'll have to try a different pin on my ecu.
2014-10-02 21:46:49
Probably should mention also that my car is an 02 p11 so I've got the wonderful 32 bit ecu
2014-10-04 23:54:44
Turns out e manage was not picking up RPM's ... So therefore without that e manage would never know when to activate the vvl solenoids. I had jumper 15 on the board set at 1-2 when it was suppose to be 2-3. Problem solved !
2014-10-05 11:19:47
Emanage is such a weird unit.
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