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Thread: NEED HELP-calum realtime might be defective

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2013-08-09 17:01:26
Do you not have a tune on your laptop someplace? If ECU took a dump, it might be on the real time chip still. Going into dangerous territory, but I believe you might be able to unplug the chip from the ECU and still connect to it via USB and download/upload stuff to it. I just don't know if it's safe to do that or not. If you can, it would be a way to see if the chip itself is toast.
2013-08-09 17:03:49
have you tried removing the daughterboard and re-jumpering the pads on the back? if you get consult connectivity, its probably the daughterboard. if you don't, you have a good chance that its the ECU. if its the ecu, whats preventing you from swapping the daughterboard to the new ecu? de-soldering and soldering isn't very hard and would probably take about an hour to do and test.

its hard to tell reading through this thread, but it appears that you can access the daughterboard and load tunes? if so, then just swap cores... it looks like you are going to need a new one any way you go.

if you decide to go with a basic, I can burn it for you on some single burn chips at no cost but postage which is probably a dollar or two first class mail. you can get single write Atmel's for free (anybody) by going to the atmel website and ordering the free samples.
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2013-08-09 18:25:54
@zeneffect I was unabke to connect the the ecu at all since this happened to me. After I swapped that parts in the op I determined the ecu was not coming out of safe mode no matter what I did. So I thought maybe I could connect to it with and take it out of safe mode but was unable to ever connect to the ecu at all with miltiple programs/computers/people trying. Just wouldnt talk to anything. I have a core now and can try swapping the boards but after all that do you think the tune would be lost anyway? Just wondering. Also without a tune on the ecu would it not prime the fuel pump at all?

That could mean a couple things try to follow my randomness...
One- the tune the car had at the time of breakdown could have been corrupted causing the breakdown...
Two- the car still started up but in safe mode because the ecu still had a tune, just one that was corrupted.
Three- after some time of the ecu being out of the car ajd the battery backup being off the board maybe somehow the board kicked the tune altogether? Is that possible?

Because after I put it back together for the last time 3 days ago and tried another 3rd laptop to connect we found that the fuel pump didnt prime. Thank baby jeebus for liquid filled fuel pressure guages because that would have stumped me for at least another hour or two. ..

Any of this ring true at all? Even if I get the car running either way id like to know what really happened.
2013-08-09 18:36:34
have you tried moving the jumper so the daughterboard is bypassed just to see if ecu is still good?
2013-08-09 21:01:03
nope. I have looked at the inside, but I have not looked at it that close. I did not think of it at all.
2013-08-10 02:57:04
Hey Aaron check your email. I sent you two bins to try and the b14RT xdf file that you need in order to load or look at any b14 RT bins in tunerpro. Im hoping that you didnt download the correct xdf and that is the reason for the problems loading or connecting. Got my fingers crossed for you brother; lemme know what happens
2013-08-10 03:27:04
If all else fails and you end up replacing it with a cheap basic board setup, I still have my old Moates rom burner that you can use to save on cost, keeping you from having to buy one. Actually, now that I think about it, I'm pretty sure Nathan (wnwright) still has it. He borrowed it from me like 6 months to a year ago and I'm not sure I ever got it back from him. So, let me know if you decide to go that route and I will hollar at him and pick it up for you; if not, I'm just gonna let him continue to hold onto it if he still has a use for it because I don't right now.
2013-08-10 06:12:39
look @ your ecu near the pins and look for dark spots. sort of same symptoms happened to me on b13, it was ecu fault. look for dark spots on the traces, the burnt ones should flake off. mine was maf, but a quick search shows me that b14 ecu's like to burn too.

as far as losing the tune? its 50/50. pulling the battery might have done it, or it might be flashed permanently until voltage is applied to a specific pin of the eeprom before its allowed to erase or rewrite. if you can take a high res pic of them, it would be easier to tell.

might be relevant

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2013-08-10 14:40:03
Ill pop mine again and see if I can get some pics hosted and posted...
2013-08-10 15:21:59
Here a a few pics I snapped very quickly. I see a few questionable things, but Im not expert so I dont know when something so small is supposed to be a darker color due to the flux or if its burned. I also am questioning why there is solder on on of the pins to the connector, but no wire. I think youll be able to see what I am talking about (to the left of the two white wires soldered to the pinout) @zeneffect @Vadim @anyone maybe take a look and see if you see anything out of wack or maybe request a specific picture and Ill snap them.

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