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Thread: NEED HELP-calum realtime might be defective

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2013-07-24 23:36:42
NEED HELP-calum realtime might be defective

This is a link to my thread where I thought it was a bunch of parts (that I ended up replacing) that still did not fix my problem.

I believe I have narrowed it down to the ECU. I cannot get this ecu to connect to ANY programs. I have even had another forum member come over and try with his own laptop he knows works with the ports, and still couldnt get it to connect.

The ecu screw will not make the CEL flash at all. Car will not come out of limp mode.

After I replaced the:

in that order, the engine still floods with fuel, and fouls the plugs.

When you step on the gas to the floor, it bounces off the 3k rpm line and backfires. (safe mode right? RIGHT?)

I am already purchasing a new car because the money is there right now, and I dont have the time anymore to be without a car.

NUMBER ONE:I need to know if this sounds like a problem anyone has had with the "newest" or "latest" calumRT ecu? The one that can control launch and cam switching among other things.

NUMBER TWO: I need to know who, if anyone, still services these ecu's? The ecu was a pretty penny not to have someone to be able to "go to" if something might be wrong.

Last resort... LAST resort, I will just buy another ecu with a newer, supported program and make the car run again, so I can sell it.

What sucks about that is this car ran like a beast for a long time. With its mods, it really did run very very good. I believe jer still has the bin on his old laptop, but even if the bin got corrupted and could be replaced again(just the bin) I would still need to connect the ECU to a program to replace the bin, but it simply will not connect. The computer will see that its connected to something, but the programs will not see the ecu. I have tried everything I can and really need help with this.

I feel like maybe I am still doing something wrong. But who knows, I am very confident about some things, and very NOT in others. Tuning and ecu related activities def fall into the latter.

Whom ever can steer me in the right direction or could maybe take the ecu and see whats up or even try servicing it, post or PM me.

Thanks for all the help peoples.

2013-07-25 01:23:19
I was told maybe @Vadim could possibly help and one other fella whom I do not remember the screen name.. but it was something like eeesomething something
2013-07-25 02:12:58
I don't think its defective since it ran well for some years and they didn't come with any warranty.

Flashing ECUs is risky and they will 'fail' at some point depending on the technology.

It is unfortunate that it may have 'failed' but I don't think defective is the correct term.

Usually if the board or chips are done in the fans will come on when you put the key in the 'on' position.
Last edited by Benito Malito on 2013-07-25 at 02-16-06.
2013-07-25 02:33:33
the fans kick on for less then a second and go back off.. they dont stay on. I do not remember them doing that at but I cant say I remember.

Also, defective MIGHT have been the wrong word. faulty at this point I guess. There should be no reason to pay 500+ for an ecu that works for only less then 2 years, and then go kaput.

That being said, electronics are unpredictable. I know that.

All my signs point to safe mode, and the fact that it will not come out. I unhooked the battery for over 24 hours, didnt help.

I popped the ecu, and it has a battery backup, I popped this, replaced it, did not help.

I tried several different programs, on two different computers to connect to the ECU, and it did not work (with three different members trying).

Not sure what to do at this point.

I do not want to replace it and shell out 500+ more bucks and IT doesnt fix the problem. PLUS I am willing to bet money it wont run as good as it did before. Which will kill this ride.

Is there any way to test this ecu? Can I ship it to someone that has similar set up, whom can plug it, and try it out.

I need another stock ecu I guess that I can plug up, and if it comes out of limp mode, then Ill know for sure(even though it wont run well) it can at least be a test tool.

If it is STILL in safe mode, then from there I am truly clueless. In which case I may piss on the car, then set it on fire.
Last edited by Cyrus on 2013-07-25 at 02-40-06.
2013-07-25 02:53:21
Try to reload the FICD drivers onto your laptop and if it automatically assigns a Com Port to establish a connection try that. Check ALL fusible links to rule them out as the cause of your problem. If your laptop doesn't automatically assign a Com Port after you load the drivers you may have to do it manually.
2013-07-25 03:21:14
Can you borrow an ECU from another member with Nistune or Nismotronic? Swapping in another ECU that has a correct (or good enough to run good) tune would give you your answer.
@lynchfourtwenty and I did this once or twice when my car(s) were acting up.
2013-07-25 03:26:00
I haven't heard of the Calum RT chips failing, but that could be the case. Maybe some water or static electricity hit the USB cable causing the chip to short? I would definitely try to connect to it with your computer, if your computer doesn't recognize any hardware after you connect to it, open up the ECU make sure USB cable didn't get unplugged from the chip.
2013-07-25 04:51:11
We tried assigning ports every which way but apprently the right way. Is there special software that I have to use with this version of the rt? Tried just porting to conzult and the computer sees the ecu but conzukt says eccs error and I have similar problem with tunerpro rt... usb was plugged in fine and no water gets in where I keep the usb rolled up... bt the outside on the carpet and the bottom edge of the plastic from the dash. Doesnt seem like a good place to dischrge static either. But who knows.

Anyone got a stock ecu I can borrow to try some things out?
2013-07-25 07:46:12
try loading a fresh tune, you problably lost whatever tune it had for sure when u undid the little battery, but idk man..
2013-07-25 12:02:20
If I could connect to the ecu I would be able fo actually do this. But I cant. That is the reason I believe there is something wrong with the ecu. But if not the ecu then what?
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