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Thread: Megasquirt 3 With MS3X on SR20VE

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2012-04-22 09:26:35
Megasquirt 3 With MS3X on SR20VE
I've completed this project 2 months ago..im sharing some picture of my setup..

Engine = SR16VE Stroke --> 2000CC ( with sr20ve piston )
Fuel Pressure = 4.2 Kg/cm2 ( about 4 bar )

Engine Management
Megasquirt 3 With Expension board MS3X, MS3X will handling the Spark, Fuel, VVL ( Int & Ext independently control ), Air-Con, AAC Idle and Dizzy's Cam-Angle-Sensor Signal.

So far im only use the fully sequential Injection output, and single spark output to Dizzy but it is anytime Coil-on-plug ready ..im actually looking for the COP from K20A for a decent price...found none at the moment

The main megasquirt 3 board will handle for general in/ouput like Air Temp Sensor ( i took out the MAF sensor and fit it with a Honda B20B Manifold Air Temp Sensor, this thing are cheap and easy to find in my Country ) , stock coolant temp sensor, AEM Uego Wideband O2 Sensor, Primary Cam-Angle-Sensor Signal and Throttle Position Sensor.

Here's some picture,i guess i have the most worst looking engine bay in the forum : P
2012-04-22 19:58:33
Some screen-capture on tuning software

Idle Without A/C

Idle With AC

General Cluster , idle

Basic Setting

2012-04-22 20:39:12
Congrats on getting it runing. Must have spent many hours on this project.
2012-04-24 02:23:48
And I thought the AEM was a pain...
2012-04-24 11:46:37
now slap a trigger wheel on that thing and go distributorless.
2012-04-24 14:30:52
Haha...tat will be my future project...i don't plan running distributorless at the moment, because i like the sequential fueling and ignition.

2012-06-20 13:57:51
Latest update ... More detail on my tuning

VVL Solenoid control

Ignition setting , if you are using the same 24-1 pattern wheel from diyautotune.. i will try to using back the original 360 pattern wheel when free..

Push lag factor to upper limit .. super crisp throttle response ...

Dual fuel map for better tuning resolution , this is important especially those with force induction setup.

Last edited by KennyX on 2012-06-20 at 14-27-04.
2012-06-20 15:30:18
Very cool man! I love seeing different products on our SR20's.

2012-06-20 15:55:05
nicely done sir. how come you have 40, 60, 100 on pwm a/b? just to be nice to the mechanicals? what value causes switch to high lobes?

would like to see data point for the original 360 degree cas wheel. would make swapping in a det cas+coil very easy for folks.
2012-06-20 16:29:02
It start engage the ext solenoid at 60 ( 5000 ) , and it will only close below 40 (4700 ) .. i just leave some rpm hysteresis zone for vvl ...
When i really free to do it .. actually it was more easy to configure the original 360 slot wheel.. those ms3 programmer already pre-set the sr20 code...just select it from spark mode only.

Last edited by KennyX on 2012-06-20 at 16-32-30.
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