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Thread: Tuning for Blow Thru MAF

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2012-07-31 00:10:19
You will need to retune. It is not a simple swap amd done, every car that I have seen go from draw to blow through went lean and needed a completely different tune.
2012-07-31 02:44:39
Originally Posted by P10FTW
You will need to retune. It is not a simple swap amd done, every car that I have seen go from draw to blow through went lean and needed a completely different tune.

Exactly.. and don't be scared to get in there and adjust the VQ table when converting over to a blow through setup as well.
2012-07-31 03:16:32
Well I'm still pretty newby to tuning, so any helps appreciated! my setup is:

Stock VE
Gtir manifold externally gated
STI 520 injectors
N62 Maf

My problems are:
Lean idle
Rich cruise
Rich light accel
Rich WOT
2012-08-01 05:05:58
Well I've got the cruise close to where I want it, WOT shouldn't be too hard, its just rich right now. My only real Problem is that when I clutch in to come to a stop the afr goes to 20-21 an stays there for 10,20,30 seconds then it'll drop down to 14.7 like it should, this causes the engine to run really rough an I dont like it..

I've played with the ttp min an max, cold an warm enrich, injector latency, load scales and obviously the k-value, but i cant get rid of it and it didnt do this draw through.

Anyone else ever have these issues?
2012-08-02 06:19:29
leaking maf's are a bitch.. it was leaking right out where the plug goes on, i took it apart as far as i could without having to do any soldering, i pryed the "plug" thing out as far as i could with out hurting any thing an cramed some rtv under there an put the 4 screws back on, also resealed the cap.

so far its alot better, still have a slight lean spot right when i come to a stop but it only stays like that for 2-3 seconds, unlike how it was 15-30 seconds of uber lean idle

i was basically able to undo all the goofy shit i had done tryin to get it to run right, and i did mess with the vq table a bit in the 1v-1.5v area, not sure what all that did, i might undo it an see what happens but right now the cars cruising pretty good and the idles almost how it should be, throttle response is better then draw through and having the shorter / straighter intake pipe i think the turbos able to draw in air better because it seems to spool a bit faster/harder.

anyways just keeping this thread updated incase someone in the future has these issues this thread may help them.
2012-08-13 20:57:51
Hmm my maf is cracked right where the plug goes in at ..that can cause a leak? My car does idle super rough when I come to a stop, and builds boost slowly ..could this be my problem? ?
2012-08-13 23:43:28

i went back draw through an the car feels soooo much better think i lost a few ponies from havin the filter in next to the engine tho
2012-08-14 00:13:48
Can I just switch maf housings, as long as they're the same size? If so what usdm housing is the same or will interchange with a Gtir maf sensor?
2012-08-14 00:16:09
just switch to draw through an be done with it.

i tried sealing the maf an tuning around the issues, eventually i said screw it an set it up the way its intended to be
2012-08-14 00:36:18
Use a maf that you can place in the housing like the HPX, or Lightning maf.
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