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Thread: 92 NX2000 B13 dead-stock cooks ECUs

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2011-11-02 00:18:29
92 NX2000 B13 dead-stock cooks ECUs
Hey there,

I've got a totally stock NX2000 here that's cooking ECUs and I'm not sure why....

I've checked every ground, cleaned every one of them (used a service manual to make sure I found them all) and put new star washer thingies on all of them and made sure they're tight.

What else is there to check? Alternator voltage is normal while it's running. It'll run about 4 hours or so.. then.. toast. The engine just loses spark, and that's the end of that. A new ECU and it runs again. Cooked the original and a replacement from a junkyard. Don't really have a desire to cook any more.

What should I look for? Which pins? If I open the cooked ECU's I can't see any damage of any kind. If it's hurting something, it's not cooking it to the point of burning a pin, melting a path or contact, or popping a cap.

2011-11-03 10:51:31
I'd check every wire from it's plug in the engine bay to the ECU for continuity; at the same time making sure there is no continuity to ground (short). You'll need a wiring diagram.

If that didn't work, I'd replace the whole engine harness.
2011-11-03 17:46:26
I hate you.
Yeah.. I can do that. I've got the service manual and wiring diagrams out the ass.. of course this is going to be incredibly exciting... /sigh
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