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Thread: JDM Sr20ve daughter boards

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2011-10-10 20:16:46
JDM Sr20ve daughter boards
Hey guys, I am organising a group buy of Japanese daughter boards for sr20ve/sr16ve ecu's.

This is official thru the NZ Primera Car Club

Boards are approx $250nzd, with chips.

I can provide base files and .adr/.xdf files for tuning. These boards are obd1, but cannot run Tunercode.

If anyone is interested I will be happy to sort shipping to overseas. We posted on the Aussie pulsar forums, but they dont allow group buys, but Australians are more than welcome to join in the buy.

NZ Primera Car Club
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2011-10-10 20:48:28
How one can tune these boards? Through USB/TunerPRO RT or only through removing and burning chips?
2011-10-10 21:49:55
what options are actually changeable using these daughterboards? or is it just the knock fuel and ign maps that can be adjusted?

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2011-10-11 01:52:49
No, they are not realtime, although you can use ostrich emulators in them no problems.

You can do all the usual items, k value, maf, fuel and ignition, vvl switch points, rev limit, speed limit, fan temp by adjusting water sensor calibration, idle speed etc..

They dont run knockmaps, so you tune main maps and copy them over to knock maps, then it runs on knock maps. They code 34, but it is not a fault, just the way they are designed and causes no issues on any car i have ever worked on.

They use SST 27sf512 chips.

2011-10-12 14:00:21
so they run on the knock maps like I said, also am I right in thinking that these can be mapped using nistune software? also price seems to be a little rich imo

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2011-10-13 11:09:00
Sorry, that is what they will cost me landed, they are easily twice the price of a DE style board (4500yen vs 10000yen plus shipping and agents fees in japan)

Sorry was not clear on that last post, the boards dont allow for running on normal maps, they run the car on the knock maps all the time, so you need to tune the knock maps. I usually copy them over anyway as they are both still there.

I always tune with a separate knock meter plugged in, and generally keep things safe, i have never had issues with knock unless there is a bad lean spot or faulty fuel system,
2011-10-13 12:12:07
What ECU part numbers are these boards for, and why can't they run TunerCode?

2011-10-13 13:07:02
Originally Posted by dfddfd2
What ECU part numbers are these boards for, and why can't they run TunerCode?


I think he meant not currently running Tunercode, until you develop it. Or do you think your current B13 version would work? Tell me so I can immediately put myself on the GB list
2011-10-13 14:27:43
Just trying to understand what is special about these Japanese daughter boards. If they are OBD1 compatible, hardware wise, then why pay $250 for a basic (w/chips) when the new NEMU real time boards are only $280? Or if you just want a basic, Moates has them with chips for $60.

The only SR20VE bin I have is 5J000, which is OBD2, so I'm a little confused.

2011-10-14 12:47:00
evlnxr I now see where the extra cost is, as if you look at the page I've linked below you will see them listed at $100, only when you click through to the data page they are listed at 10,000yen/$130, sorry for any confusion. also what software can you use to tune with? am I correct in thinking nistune works with them? using a dual ostrich setup obviously

dave these ve ecu's are obd1/consult hardware and obd2 firmware iirc, and as I've already asked if you will cover these ECUs and you said no, so obviously tunercode wont work. also nistune/jwt/calum have never released a board compatible with these ecu's so the jap daughterboard is our only viable choice atm.

you can see these boards here >> kbm50aa


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