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Thread: Help with safc 2 settings for RR SR20DE, stock maf/ecm

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2011-09-29 10:42:28
Help with safc 2 settings for RR SR20DE, stock maf/ecm
first off i would like to say is, I used the search button here and on the other forum, but didnt find what i needed blah blah blah

I picked up a safc 2 and plan on it getting dyno tuned. but in the mean time i need settings to at least have it installed and have the car rolling around.
here are my specs:

Stock 01 P11 A/T ECU
stock rr Injectors, top feed, cc value unknown (249cc?)
stock +00 P11 MAF (regrounded not that it matters much)
Injen CAI
ASP 4-2-1 header
stock 1.75" in exhast and muffler

does any one have settings for a slightly modified rr sr20 with a crappy maf like me? b15 specs welcomed

these are the values im going to use when its hooked up just to have it rolling
till i hit a dyno,

Dec Air
Thr ****
Ne1 10%
Ne2 10%

RPM Limit (Ne) – 6500

Ne Point
1 1500
2 2000
3 3000
4 3500
5 4000
6 5000
7 5500
8 6000

Lo 0%
Hi 65%

Lo Settings - All Zero

Hi Settings
1500 0
2000 0
3000 -2
3500 -3
4000 -5
5000 -7
5500 -8
6000 -10

Sensor Type
Hot wire

Sensor No - In..01 Out..01
Sensor Cal - In..1 Out..1

Car Select 4cyl, arrow pointing upper right

Sensor Check at idle

MAF @1.3 V
Throttle @.42V

thanks for the help guys

quick note, i heard the knock sensor hooked up to the safc2 will cause wierd Voltage readings and the i dont even need it.
is this true?
and if so, will the stock ecm take care of knock? or will safc2 over ride and allow knock to happen? speculation
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2011-09-29 10:51:13
post settings/values for regular LP sr20de with roughly the same mods as well it will work too.
2011-09-29 17:12:12
Im going to run 0 values on everything just want to what others run with roughly my set up
2011-10-08 16:54:13
What you have is pretty darn close to what I had when I was on a dyno about 15 runs using the SAFC II to get the P10 ECU as close to an ideal Air Fuel Ratio as possible.
2011-10-09 14:21:38
Now im running -1% for 4k rpm to -4% on 6200rpm. Only on high throttle which is +40% throttle.

Not much but why not?

Wow! 15 dyno pulls? VIP that's alot of $$$
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