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Thread: Autech ECU B14

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2011-05-29 07:48:20
Autech ECU B14
Have read around a bit about obdi (b13) and obdii (b14) in prep before doing some mods followed by another dyno run and was hoping to get a reflash tune aswel.

What confused me was after looking at my consult port it appear to be obdi yet the vehicles a b14...

Now for the queations
Does this mean the ecu was swapped at some point? possibly by Autech...

Would this have any affect on reflash tune? good and bad?

Is it possible that the ecu was reflashed by autech so may already be fitted with a daughter-board or similar?

Finally, what would be my best option or options to accomplish a reflash or tunable ecu?

2011-05-29 14:08:47
Autech use there own ecu board, there is no daughter board or chip on there. Nistune chip will drop straight on though.
2011-05-29 19:13:27
=) cheers! just the answer i was looking for. type 3 nistune?
Do they use the nissan factory housing aswell?
2011-05-29 20:37:25
Consult ports for obd1 and obd2 are the same what changes is the data link connector. Which is were a. scanner connects to.
2011-05-29 22:41:18
yup ecu casing is exactly the same sssanctum should have an autech map for nistune drop him a message
2011-05-29 22:45:51
If your engine is a highport then chances are you have OBD1 even thou is a b14.
Lucino vz-r is a JDM b14 and comes OBD1.
2011-05-29 23:26:15
awesome! Will be valuable when i'm ready to put Nistune in.

Thanks guys
2011-05-30 05:35:32
The factory Autech BIN for the N15 is known and included in the rom package. Yours might be a different part number, and if it is, you WILL need to download the rom from the ECU and send it to them for analysis as the N15 Autech bin was actaully a bit different to the regular N15 one.
2011-05-30 10:02:52
do you know what the differences were?
2011-05-30 10:18:09
There were differences in the coding of the ROM which caused some issues (address for some things was different), there were some small physical differences internally to the ECU such as no LED inside to flash error codes etc.

Mapping differences the autech generally had less timing if my memory serves me correctly due to the higher compression. I don't recall how the fuelling compared, it was quite a while ago.
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