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Thread: tuning issues

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2011-05-22 01:31:22
tuning issues
Just got my motor rebuilt and im tryin to get a base tune going until i can get my car on a dyno. Seems like its either running way lean or way rich. I have a nistune board and AFC neo. Ok now its running really lean at idle so i adjusted the injection multiplier up to get the idle to 14.7, but now its rich under revs and bogs down. Can anyone point in the right direction to what could be the issue.

My specs are

8.5:1 CR
550cc injectors
b13 maf
2011-05-22 06:57:37
get rid of the AFC Neo for a start, the nistune can do everything that it can do, or at least disable it from making any changes and start your tune from there to see if it is causing the problem.
2011-05-22 16:15:19
I agree -- get rid of the AFC neo and tune with your Nistune board and software. Nistune has good documentation on line that explains pretty much how to do this.
2011-05-22 16:28:41
I had a very similar issue, what I did was changed the MAF IN OUT settings.
2011-05-22 16:54:09
I got a calum basic with with a SAFC, my setup is almost identical to yours. The bin that im using is for the setup but at idle it was leanin to 17-18 afr's. So I started messing with the MAF IN OUT settings on the SAFC until it ran 14.7 at idle, 13's crusing at partial throtle and at WOT is a lil bit rich runnning 11-10's, but keep in mind I was running N/A headesr to solve the issue first without boost.
I'd say keep the Neo Afc cause you can fine tune on the fly, and not a lot of people knows how to tune daugtherboard around our area.
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2011-05-25 19:55:19
i think i have found my issue to be a vaccum leak where the throttle body and the intake mani meet. Other than idle my car is doing alright
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