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Thread: TunerPro RT nissan map values Basic info needed to tune

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2011-03-23 07:33:50
TunerPro RT nissan map values Basic info needed to tune
So i have been doing a healthy amount of research and always seem to be linked back to this forum which always has GREAT info on it. With that said i do still have a few questions that i'm sure some of you may be able to answer with e's

Using tunerpro RT and nissan ECU's:

What do the values in the fuel map represent? I understand they represent multipliers but there are 2 very different # ranges.

This is what i've found so far (on this forum i may add )however some one very reputable has told me this may not be 100% correct.

"Fuel Map values
If the MAP VALUE is less than 128, then MULTIPLIER = (DATA + 128)/128
If the MAP VALUE is greater than 128, then MULTIPLIER = (DATA – 64)/128"

"Values above 192 are closed loop. example 192= correction factor of 1 (non)
Values below 192 are open loop. example 0= correction factor of 1 (non)"

Does any know the algorithm the ecu then uses that incorporates these multipliers?

What do the values in the ignition map represent?
Most the #s look like standard timing #s however similar to the fuel map there are some very large #s that look out of place. (perhaps similar to the fuel map these high #s signal the ecu to run in closed loop for ignition aka using the knock sensor for feedback/adjustment?)

Thank you very much for reading and thanks in advance for any help or insight.
2011-03-23 10:07:25
found a bit more info for the fuel maps

there is a afr conversion table. something like this
128 (leanest closed loop value) – 199 maybe higher (richest closed loop value) = Leaner -> lean
0 (leanest open loop) – 127 (richest open loop) = Rich -> Richer..
Values above 127 indicate closed loop operation

Again please correct me where i am wrong!

thanks guys
2015-06-03 10:06:56
Nice threat!!

By saying closed loop what do you mean?
open loop?
2015-09-25 12:35:27
You are correct. The offsets are for 02 and knock feedback.
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