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Thread: TunerPro/Ostrich/Sr20ve ecu

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2014-07-31 14:13:29
Thank you very much Mr Yoshoto.

We have this daughterboard.
Two ostricht devices.. Any other cheaper way to do this?
Actually is there any way to make realtime tuning directly from the obd port?
Do you have any bins with LC for VE?

2014-08-01 03:07:36
Unless you can source another 2 8bit emulators or a single 16 bit emulator your only option is the Ostrich.

Cheapest I have found it so far:

1985 1990 1992 GM Moates Ostrich 2 0 We SHIP Australia | eBay

I have never heard of anyone having LC on the Stock SRXXVE ecus

No realtime tuning from Consult port that I am aware of.
2014-08-01 08:45:29
Thanks again!!

I am sure it can be done. I am working on this the last months.

Why not from the consult port? Nistune says that the tuning is done through it. I have seen it live and it works good. It uses the PC as an emulator and when you are done you burn the chips right away. I suppose you have heard of it. Good but expensive solution though... 550$.

If we use the two Osctrichs way what is the procedure? connect the two ostrichts with the daughterboard connect them both to the pc and then syncronise the together? And if you are done you save the bin in the pc? Can you help me please?

What motor are you using? VE?
2014-08-01 15:59:04
Nistune is not an emulator in the true sense.

Yes it does realtime but you are limited to what has been defined in the tables and what areas of the ROM is allowed to be edited.

As I understand it, what the boys at nistune have done is to patch the original ROM for each vehicle/ECU this enables read and write as opposed to read only via the consult stream. This was a continuation of the work done years ago on the old ECCS.Hydbrika forum and was done using NVram originally on some single chip 8 bit ecu. These ecus usually have the Read/Write header as a separate 4 pin header near the socketed ROM.

You cant load any bin with Nistune in its entirety like with Calumsult, ostrich or even NEMU. And you need their special programmer just to load whatever bin you want. It even means that if you were to discover some new area of the ROM, you couldn't just edit it as you wished (realtime), a simple thing like fan control temps hadn't been implemented although that information was known years ago. Furthermore, Nistune doesn't have a board compatible with the SRxxVE ecus and so would not be in their interest to have a Patched file for it.

If you are looking to spend in the region of $550 and you don't intend to use the CVT transmission, than get NEMU and forget about the rest. Everything is tuneable at any time, you can convert to speed density, you can use Coil on Plug if u have the S13 SR20DET ECU. It really is the best option for the money and documentation and support is readily available.

If you want to get the best out of NEMU then first decide if you want to run COP or to use a distributor. Then either source for yourself the required ECU or order the NEMU and the ECU of your choice from JKTuning. Tell him your current setup and he will load a base tune to get you started, then tune, or have it tuned as you wish, he offers remote tuning services as well.

Pay particular attention to the supported ECU's section near the bottom of the page: NismoTronicSA Package, NismoTronic - Nissan ECU Tuning

NEMU will run on other ECU's that have the 40 pin header but you will not be able to utilize all the features because of the way the outputs are ECU specific for their ROM, for the best experience, get one of the "right" ecus.
2014-08-18 21:01:59
Thank you very much Mr Yoshoto!

Very useful info. Have you any experience from such services and hardware?
Unfortunatelly nemo does not supports vvl ecus either. I don't know if there is a way to control vvl points with it. Although I wiil try to communicate with these guys.

The other way you suggested me in previous messages is to buy two ostrichts and use them with tunerpro. With this way will I be able to do the job in real time?

COP are interesting but you need extra hardware to make them work and I don't know if it worths.

Are you a tuner or something? Do you have any personal experience of tunning?
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2014-08-20 16:34:38
No not a tuner. Yes i have experience tuning for myself and some friends.

Yes two ostrich's and the daughterboard will allow realtime tuning of the SR20VE ecu

NEMU is currently supported on a few specific ECU's. Most of these ecu's will plug directly into the SR20VE harness and start and run the engine.

Only a few modifications are necessary to activate VVL using these ECU's and NEMU, in fact only one wire needs to be moved, one is already in the right place.

The ECU's I have highlighted below in Bold are the ones you can use if you don't want to use COP, any one of those would allow you to do whatever you want with your SR20VE tuning wise including the VVL activation points.

Most likely in your country the GTi-R ecu would be the easiest to source, but if you are going to get the NEMU you can get the suitable ECU from the USA at the same time.

Supported ECUs:

91-93 Nissan Sentra/SE-R/NX2000/Pulsar B13,N14,N15 SR20DE Manual
ECU Part Nos: 64Y00, 64Y01, 67Y00, 68C00, 1N960

91-93 Infiniti G20 P10 SR20DE Manual
ECU Part Nos: 62J00, 62J01, 77J00

91-93 Nissan 240sx S13 SR20DET Manual
ECU Part Nos: 50F00, 50F01, 50F05

91-94 Nissan 240sx S13 KA24DE Manual
ECU Part Nos: 53F00, 53F01

Nissan Pulsar RNN14 SR20DET
ECU Part Nos: 54C00, 54C60
2014-08-20 19:32:04

Very useful information.

Me too. I am doing this for myself and my car.

All things you said are very interesting but I believe (maybe I am wrong) that the vvl stock ecu is better hardware than the old ones. From the research I have made vvl stock ecu uses a wiser way for tunning without using many kind of maps low and full load.

What is your opinion about this?

NEMU can operate vvl points from the old ecus without external trigger? I didnot knew that!
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2014-08-21 14:06:41
Yes the sr20ve ecus are newer hardware, so faster processor, most likely better A/D convertors faster beter resolution, yes it uses target AF type maps for tuning.


All this is of no use if the ECU has not been fully hacked. This may happen in the future but I doubt it.

So in the here and now, NEMU is the best for the cost, you don't compromise anything to my knowledge going back to the older type ECU.

NEMU is not OEM code, it is a complete rewrite of the ECU. Since it has been built from the ground up, there are no unknowns, it can and is continually being upgraded.
2014-08-23 10:17:45
I have tuned many kbm50aa daughter boards on sr20/16ve ecu. Yeah they work ok, but they remove knock control from function, and there is a fair bit of the files that are not known or are slightly illogical when tuning.

You can change k value, maf sensor, speed and rpm limits, fuel and ig maps, and vvl points if you know how, but accel enrich is a bit iffy.

Ostrich works on them, but they can have glitches the older ecus dont have, and dont like large data changes, tends to crash the ecu into limp mode if the car is running and you make a massive change to fuel tables or something. Ive also had limited sucess with data trace using TunerPro, i tend to just use old RomEditor, with Emutility running and monitoring the files for changes when i hit save on the file.
2014-08-24 20:06:24
I have tried tunning an sr20de ecu with for vvl engine. First of all iI realised that it has many more parameters and functions than the vvl ecu but with the vvl ecu the engine works smoother and more aggressive. Even at idle rpms. I havent completed the tunning cause i want to order an external trigger for the vvls.

You are right for fuel enrichment it is not as a parameter on vvl ecu. According to yoshoto the code is not hacked all yet. Hope some day that change. Btw have you experimented for lc for this ecu. I believe that changing only the 6800 when the car is below 2klm will work but I havent found that parameter.

I use also tunerprom software and it is very nice. You are the first to say that you syncronise it with the nissan ecu. I will check out for romeditor to see what it is.

What is your opinion about all these?
Are you a tuner?
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