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Thread: TunerPro/Ostrich/Sr20ve ecu

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2014-09-02 10:26:31
There is a cold rev limit, but the only thing you could do is fool the ecu to think its cold to activate this rpm limit, BUT, if you try to "heat" it up too fast to remove the launch limit, it with assume a sensor fault and throw a code or go into limp.
2014-09-30 08:16:44
Evlnxr you gave an idea but I don't know if it can be done.

If the ecu lose the connection from the speed sensor the rev limit is also 6800rpm.
So this can be done with a NC switch.
What is your opinion?

Also I want to ask you something else, you said that you program KBM50AA boards.
Do you use tunerpro for tunning them?
Do you use a custom xdf file for VE's or the official from tunerpro?
2014-09-30 09:22:38
I made that xdf file and sent it to Tunerpro.

I dont tend to use Tunerpro much, i dont like the way it presents data for fuel and ign maps, i use Romeditor and Emutility when tuning VE engines, its got a far nicer interface with the 3d fuel and ignition maps. I used logworks and log afr, rpm and Map voltage, which gives a load layout and interpret it from there.
2014-10-01 08:46:39
Wow!! this is cool!!

Nice job you have done!

I will try to download the software you recommend and check it out. Does this software needs something like xdf file also?
Do you tune the KBM50AA boards with this software?
2014-10-01 09:54:27
Yeah i tune the kbm50aa with Romeditor, i dont know if its still on the internet atm, its pretty old software.

TunerPro should be a lot better, as it can connect direct to the emulators etc, and has trace that kind of works, but is slow on the VE ecu.

You need a .adr file for RomEditor.
2014-10-02 04:50:50
Thanks for the info.

If you program the old ecu (from DE) for vvls what xdf do you use? B13 or B14?
Everyone says that is a lot better doing that way.

The only bad thing is to find an external way to activate the vvl solenoids but it can be done.
2014-10-02 05:01:49
I use tunercode for ve if I use a b13 style ecu, but they won't sell it anymore unfortunately
2014-10-02 11:54:52
Does tunercode supports realtime tunning?

Do I need again two Ostricth devices??
2014-10-03 10:42:45
Tunercode was a aftermarket rom, which just replaced using the stock .bin file, and it had a lot of really cool stuff that later became Nismotronic. Yes you still need 2 Ostrich, same as normal chip burn style tuning.
2015-01-01 08:35:55
Do you have the launch control parameters for the b13 ecu?
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