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Thread: TunerPro/Ostrich/Sr20ve ecu

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2011-01-11 21:31:25
TunerPro/Ostrich/Sr20ve ecu
Im having some issues with TunerPro and map tracing on the sr20ve ecu.

When i 1st got the Ostrichs i tried them on a VE ecu and was very happy with the map tracing. 1st time i tried a tune and it just says waiting at the bottom of the fuel map.

I made the xdf myself, so maybe i missed something, but i copied the basic data from a b13 xdf.

Has anyone else tried this? The XDF i made is hosted on the TunerPro site if anyone wants a look.

2011-01-12 09:43:20
Did you tried my XDF I sent you?
2011-01-12 10:54:17
No i didnt, sent you a PM, thanks.
2011-01-12 10:56:33
I emaild you those files before didnt I?
Anyway, Im at work now. Could resend my XDF tonight.
2011-01-16 06:56:28
Any chance you could send me your xdf? I think i PM'd my email addy. I had a look thru all my emails and trash and couldnt find it sorry.
2011-01-16 14:06:25
Didnt received any PM?
Try emailing at laurens [@] nissanclub [.] nl and I will send every file I've managed to get my hands on.
2011-01-16 22:22:52
Mailed you back with attachments
2011-01-17 05:12:29
Cheers mate.
2014-07-27 07:49:10
Hi there!!

newbie here.

Do I need ostricht to tune srxxve ecu with tunerpro?

How do you connect it?

Do you have any ve bins for studying?

2014-07-29 16:07:26
If you have the SR20VE or SR16VE ecu (Not the N1 version) and you have the suitable Daughterboard installed in that ECU (KBM50AA or equivalent) then you will need 2 Ostrich emulators to emulate the whole 16bit bin (64k). The board uses identical burned chips so an odd even arrangement is not required.

You can then use TunerPro or other compatible software to tune. The xdf is kicking around somewhere on the forum.
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