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Thread: Tuners in Kansas

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2010-11-10 00:16:41
Tuners in Kansas
I am needing a tune on my car, what it has now works but it is really lean apparently. Under WOT I am seeing as lean as 13:1. This scares me. It's weird because I have had the same tune for over 3 years and I've never had a problem but I most recently installed a wideband.

I have a Calum Realtime V1 using Tuner Pro, haven't gone to TunerCode but I might if someone can convince me/tune it for me. I don't have the knowledge or the time to tune this thing right. This is a couple months out too as I am rebuilding the transmission and what not. Local tuners haven't used TunerPro before.
2010-11-10 00:26:14
Are you sure your fuel pump is keeping up?
2010-11-10 00:31:13
just sell your Calum RT to me.. you don't need no stinking tuned SR20..
2010-11-10 00:44:31
Lol if I get a megasquirt I might!

I don't have any reason to believe that my fuel pump is bad, it's worth checking out though. There is the issue of when I turn the car off the fuel pressure gauge instantly goes to zero. I don't have any leaks that I can see or smell either.
2010-11-10 00:55:53
well if you're seriously thinking about replacing it, keep me first on your list fellow Jayhawker!
2010-11-10 01:06:25
I need to get the car figured out first. I think I might replace the fuel pump once I get the transmission in.

I'm mainly wondering how far I am going to have to drive to get someone to tune my car properly lol.
2010-12-06 23:05:44
Its more important to check fuel pressure under load...to see if its truely rising 1:1 with boost.
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