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Thread: emanage blue or safc2?

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2010-10-06 04:13:28
If you are using a stock ECU now, SAFC.
2010-10-06 05:40:14
If you are getting ALL those goodies (wideband, boost sensor, the Profec E-01!) and especially the LAPTOP CABLE, definitely use the Emanage. With the E-01 you can control the emanage up to a certain firmware (not the latest) but it is more of a pain in the ass, much like controling an Apexi PowerFC with the remote.

With the pressure sensor you can make timing and fuel map corrections by boost pressure, instead of just the limited tps% or MAF voltage parameters. You can alter fuel the same way as the SAFC and/or hook the injectors directly to add fuel.

It is indeed way more complicated than the SAFC, but beats it in every way, unless you tell me ease of use is your main concern (which I could not agree with but...). Playing with timing and fuel is better than playing with just fuel.
2010-10-06 13:30:40
Originally Posted by sr20fan
sr20s rule, did you only use the safc to tune the DET motor? or are you using the JDM ecu? Cause I have a 99 p11, and will use the safc just to bump up the fuel since the ecu is for 259cc injectors. I know the calculations already and I will be getting a wideband.

I was using a jdm ecu "U13 bluebird" with SAFC to run my W10 avenir motor. everything is stock except the Z32 MAF. I used the safc to tune for a while, then i switched to emanage thinking it would be better. safc worked so much better for me. im thinking Nistune would have probably been the best option. so im gonna try that next when i go VE-T.
2010-10-06 14:22:15
im running an e manage blue on a ve and its a simple program that has everything you need. if you plan on tunning you self the emanage could be easer because it has real time map tracing as well as data logging. but im not too familar with safc's
2010-10-13 13:37:59
Sell both. Buy a tunable ecu
2010-10-13 17:38:28
if you cant buy a real tuneable solution then I would go with WILLIAM WALLACE = SAFC!
2010-10-13 20:12:43
thats a good idea to sell both. but kinda want the safc for fine tuning.
2011-09-05 17:53:11
so my best bet wit a stock ecu is safc ?
2011-09-05 18:17:35
yes, using a stock ecu and safc is safe and easy, but I did spend the money and bought a JWT tuned ecu. I would also consider getting a wideband. I'm planning to get my car tuned using the safc sometime this week. I've heard I can probably get about 2-10whp if tuned right. But now I'm shooting for a nistune ecu.
2011-09-05 18:24:38
i need to sell my emanage then
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