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Thread: Find other options, Calum no longer doing ECU's

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2010-05-03 16:19:19
Find other options, Calum no longer doing ECU's
Read this while on the "other" site.

So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish - SR20 Forum
2010-05-03 16:22:19
yah my buddy just sent out his ECU to him and now he cant get it back
2010-05-03 17:31:15
Sucks he provided up us with a good service, atleast the ECUs are out there and people know how to burn the chips for them......

On a side note for the mods, is it possible that instead of closing/deleting his section it be locked so we can use it for information???? Other people here can help others with bins and what not just so we don't lose the info...
2010-05-03 17:51:47
Originally Posted by D-Unit121
yah my buddy just sent out his ECU to him and now he cant get it back

What's his real name?
2010-05-03 21:23:48
Sorry to see you go, my friend! There's obviously good reason for it, though =]
2010-05-03 21:25:09
Calum you're a gentleman and a scholar.
Good luck with whatever you're doing now!
2010-05-03 21:34:39
Man you know how much you have made possible here on the board for thousands of us. Sad to see you leave, but everyone has to move on at some point.

Best of luck with the wrest of your life, my realitme will be working for many many years to come thanks to you. Glad I had the opportunity to provide you business back in the day.

2010-05-03 21:47:10
you have made great contributions to our community. gl on your future work
2010-05-03 22:07:05
Thanks Calum!
2010-05-04 00:16:44
just a little bump into the business to you alfsentra. he make ecu boards and also chips available he made mine and works great by now no problems by now... he have done some ecus for people in latin america so feel free to contact him. Just a little help into business. Good luck Alfsentra you are the man!
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