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Thread: How well is your MAF performing?

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2009-11-07 01:51:49
His battery isn't going to read that high of a voltage unless it's running lol.
2009-11-07 23:09:23
^^ Agreed.. that voltage reading is while running.. LOL.

But, I have never seen a car not start due to a weak MAF signal..
It would just give you a funky idle and then run like crap when driving...

But this thread is not to Diagnois his car.. ITS a MAF thread ! !
2009-11-08 00:12:58
Sorry for being a bit off topic. It ended up being the maf fuse.
2011-08-08 16:16:51
this thread should be stickied!

The maf voltages are not listed any where else on this board!
2011-10-23 17:43:01
Skyline Owners Forum - View Single Post - Intermittent Misfire - from idle to top end


how to fix ur z32 style maf
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2011-10-24 00:19:46
did this today. it may have helped i'll have to see after a good drive. my problem only comes up after i've driven a good while. it's idling afrs right now are at 14.5-15 which is good when it gets hot the idle drops to 10.0-11.5 at idle. so we will see if it changes.
Last edited by blackb13se-r on 2011-10-24 at 14-00-31.
2011-10-26 01:39:09
Great info
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