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Thread: How well is your MAF performing?

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2009-05-11 17:58:56
^I told you to post this a long time ago lol. You don't have pics? hahaha j/k..........
2009-05-11 21:08:30
Yada, yada, yada.... And stop cluttering up this thread with off-topic crap!!

NO.. I dont have any freaking pictures...
Read the description REAL S-L-O-W ! ! LOL..
If my description isnt clear enough, then they really shouldnt be doing this!!
Go pay a mechanic to perform the MAF test & convince you to purchase a new MAF for just $625 installed!!
2009-05-14 18:39:38
FYI guys not all MAF's have the same voltages at idle. I spent about two hours messing with the two E60 MAF's, on the phone with Scotty getting advice, checking for intake leaks, to still have 1.09 idle volts with my E60 MAF.

This morning I looked up the 1997 Maxima FSM and saw something very interesting.

So what this means is, every MAF is not going to have the same voltages at idle. Below is a list of MAF's and FSM's that I looked through and found information about.

Car: 1991-1999 Sentra
Idle Voltage: 1.3-1.7v

MAF: E60
Car: 1995-1999 Maxima
Idle Voltage: 1.0-1.7

MAF: N60
Car: 1991-1994 Maxima
Idle Voltage:1.0-1.7 (assuming it's similar to N62)

MAF: N62
Car: 1990-1996 300zx
Idle Voltage: 1.0-1.7

Car: 2000-2001 Sentra SE, 2000-2002 G20
Idle Voltage: 1.3-1.7v
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2009-05-14 18:42:43
^Nice dig Vadim! This is a great thread. I'm still happy with my new MAF install. My car has no hiccups after 4K like it use to. Pulls hard to redline and lets the BC2's come alive.
2009-05-14 19:05:15
Originally Posted by MR-4Door-SR20DET
^Nice dig Vadim! This is a great thread. I'm still happy with my new MAF install. My car has no hiccups after 4K like it use to. Pulls hard to redline and lets the BC2's come alive.

Big thanks to Scotty for initially finding this and helping through the way.

I'll have to test drive my car to make sure it doesn't hicup or die again. I think I had an intake leak
2009-05-14 21:21:34
Thanks Vadium and Great information Vadium!!

Now we can use that list to accurately determine what the idle MAF voltage should be for those MAFs.. Also, we can accurately now set the Low MAF Voltage Enrichment Trigger to a value below the minimum MAF volt values.

Note: The FSM wiring test pinout picture above is for the E60 MAF and not the same for all other MAFs; as the other MAF pinouts can/will be different. You can use the JWT MAF wiring info link to identify your signal-out wire for testing.
2009-05-18 16:28:28
I went through and retightened my intake pipe and so far the stalling has been greatly reduced. I will check the voltages again, but I believe it was around 1.10v...
2009-05-27 02:14:14
I'm currently reading "How To Build Performance Nissan Sport Compacts" by Sarah Forst, and she mentions that on turbo cars it is suggested to keep the maf at least 14" from the turbo, because the turbo causes the swirl effect.

I will attach a longer pipe and see if it helps my MAF voltages...
2009-05-27 03:03:49
^^^ Right, the reason Nissan put a screen on the Z32 maf is to promote laminar flow across the maf element. Having the maf anywhere near turbulance will affect the voltage and make the computer do wierd things.

I had really bad issues with my Lightning 90mm maf and air flow issues. I have also seen these issues on blow-thru cars running certain mafs. The stock one and blow-thru doesn't work that great.

I would suggest pull-thru, with the maf at least a foot from the turbo and very few bends in the pipe before or after the maf. Place the maf in a straight section to promote even flow.

Then you can quicken up throttle response by utilizing shorter intercooler piping, or by using an air/water intercooler instead of air/air.
2009-05-27 05:48:04
Here is what I currently have, I'll have to measure the pipe, maybe it's not long enough. If that's the case I'm stuck going blow through haha.

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