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Thread: New Craftsman hand tools (wrenches, deep socket, wobble extensions)

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2020-05-03 19:27:46
New Craftsman hand tools (wrenches, deep socket, wobble extensions)
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I needed some wrenches for the TurboFX rear parallel arms on the SE-R. It turns out the aluminum ones are 21mm and 24mm so I grabbed some Craftsman to match the stuff I already have.
Honestly, I'm moving away from Craftsman now that they are no longer good quality, made in China, and aren't super-easy to swap locally if they break. Our local Sears closed, and I'd prefer not exchange at Lowe's (now that they do Craftsman tools) for inferior versions of the tools I have.

I am making a slow transition to Tekton hand tools now. They seem to be the most comparable to Craftsman of old. Good quality, mostly made in America, affordable/innovative/useful/ergonomic, forever guarantee, etc.

Anyway, for now I grabbed some wrenches. I also picked up a 7/16", 6-point, 1/4"-drive deep socket to replace the one out of my kit that I lost forever ago. It's one of only maybe 3 tools I've ever lost. Never lost a 10mm for example... *knock on wood*

I have a rancid, 3/8"-drive wobble extension set from Harbor Freight that makes me cringe every time I use them. I wanted some quality units, so I picked up some of them as well since they were at a deep discount.

Now I can get these rear parallel arms tightened and continue getting the SE-R into good shape.

$15.99 | Craftsman 24mm 12-point combination wrench | 42923
$12.99 | Craftsman 21mm 12-point combination wrench | 42938
$9.99 | Craftsman 4-piece 3/8"-drive wobble extension bar set | C44284
$3.79 | Craftsman 7/16" 6-point 1/4"-drive deep socket | 34616


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