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Thread: Cooling Plate Prototype (Not Pretty)

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2014-05-19 03:20:23
Can OP or someone explain how this brings temps down, or is this only for turbo applications?
2014-05-19 03:48:33
cool stuff speedricer. I think this may be my next way too bored on a monday mod.

storm it helps cool by forcing more air into the radiator.
2014-05-19 04:23:14
Originally Posted by D-Unit121

storm it helps cool by forcing more air into the radiator.

Nice. well I'd be interested then. I'm always batting my VE with temperatures
2014-05-19 05:01:38
Basically the air that comes in to the rad wont be able to escape up through that gab directly behind the grille forcing more air to hit it. We arent talking big temp drops (to pull a number out of my ass, prob average is 6 or so), but every degree counts....and i was bored.

Yeah. Like i said i just did this with pretty much my hands, a vice and tin snips lol. Better tools would def wield a cleaner result.
2014-05-19 05:03:07
heck if it drops 4 degrees i'd take it
2014-05-19 05:27:43
Lemme attempt one for the B13 and see how it comes out. And also to mess around with a few more ideas. If i can get it to a science where its easy enough at a fair price, maybe ill Make To Order in my spare time. That is if you dont wana just try to attempt it yourself. I see nice ones go for about $130+. So far I can tell you it wouldnt be less than $50, but I also wana make sure they come out acceptable looking just based on product pride lol. I'm hoping wrapping them in some sort of vinyl makes it look cleaner
2014-05-19 05:34:35
ok, so just get the aluminum from Home Depot
2014-05-19 05:36:48
just a suggestion, not trying to rock the boat here....but what about makin these in abs or some other plastic instead of metal?
2014-05-19 09:29:53
I guess bc harder to cut the plastic sometimes and/or find it in that size?
2014-05-20 12:24:32
I thought about doing this last year but i never got around to it. I guess you beat me to the punch. I might have to jump on this.
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